They Said She Can’t Dance Because Of Her Weight, So She Films Herself And Silences Her Doubters

Whitney Thore has a strong love for dancing and you would think there is nothing wrong about. But you will be wrong. It appears that our ‘perfect’ world does not think overweight people can move gracefully on the dance floor. Well, Thore was determined to prove all of those doubters wrong and that is what she went ahead to do.

For years Thore struggled with eating disorders, mood swings and issues of confidence, which were brought on by polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Her health condition, which has no cure, caused her to gain about 100 pounds. After she started gaining weight at a fast pace, people started teasing her by calling her “fat and disgusting,” Her self-confidence took a big hit and she was left depressed.

But it did not take her long to stand for herself. Thore decided to fight back and she began posting videos called “A Fat Girl Dancing.” Now she is getting tons of messages of support and love.

You can see what she did here…

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