The Truth About High Functioning Anxiety And How It Truly Feels

We have all heard of anxiety. You might have come across someone who had it or even intimately know someone who suffers from it. Or you could be the one with the anxiety. Either way, anxiety is not a strange word to you. But have you ever asked yourself what it really means to live with anxiety? What does it entail? What do the people who suffer from it feel? Is it like depression and how does it affect their way of life? This article has all the answers you seek. First, what is anxiety all about? According to the Mayo Clinic, “people with anxiety disorders frequently have intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. Often, anxiety disorders involve repeated episodes of sudden feelings of intense anxiety and fear or terror that reach a peak within minutes (panic attacks).”

Anxiety is really just living with fear and apprehension most of the time, and it’s not a nice feeling at all. That’s anxiety but what about high functioning anxiety? What does it mean to live with that? Read on below to find out.

Living with anxiety is hard enough as it is. Living with high functioning anxiety is like living with anxiety on steroids. It’s a lot worse. It means that you are very aware and watchful of every single thing that has to do with you. You strive to hit perfectionism in all that you do, and at times it can make you feel like your achievements are a fluke. Your high level of anxiety does make you liable to certain stress relieving moves such as fishing your hands, clenching your teeth, and biting your nail.

Sometimes when you look into the mirror, it does not seem as if your insides are wrung out from worry and fear but when you take a closer look, you can see the anxiety peeking through the gaps in your nervous laughter and the high pitch of your voice. It shows itself in the calls and texts that you really want to answer but can’t or just won’t in the end. You feel your anxiety when you get thrown off your cool if the plans that you already made have changed.

Living with high functioning anxiety feels as if you have been hit by someone ten times bigger or been hurt severely by a pack of wild animals. It is not being able to understand that what you are trying to do is answer a call and not feel like I’m being torn to shreds.

One of the most common sounds of anxiety is the whole ‘you are not good enough’ spiel. It dodges you day and night trying to get you to believe it. You really don’t have what it takes to be a better person. You have zero ideas why you got the job you have because who in his right mind would hire you,? How can you ever be in a fulfilling relationship when everyone says that you are too clingy for them? What is wrong with you? Maybe your significant other is just with you on a dare. I mean, hello, how can he love you. All these questions go through your mind, and you find yourself questioning all that you know and believe. You end up comparing yourself to many other people forgetting that you are your own unique person.

You begin to worry that you don’t have your life on the path that you want it to be on. You feel like you are a major failure especially when you compare yourself to your friends who have their lives planned out and are actually doing something towards achieving their goals. The feeling of disappointment settles in, and you feel so terrible about failing the people who are rooting for you.

It’s feeling as if no one likes you and still trying to seem all put together at the same time.

Living with high-functioning anxiety is trying to escape from your feelings by doing anything you can do to block them out and keep the illusion that things are okay with you and that you are happy even when deep down, you know that you aren’t.

The funny thing is that you most probably are the only person to notice and understand what is going on with you because living with anxiety means hiding it beneath a smiling face and finding refuge in humor instead of facing the necessary decisions and issues in your life.

If you are living with high-functioning anxiety, you most probably have about a million pep talks with yourself every day. You spend time before the mirror talking to yourself, motivating yourself to be better, to get your head in the game and get your life on track. You try to convince yourself even though you might not believe it that you would be okay.

Being a high functioning anxiety disorder victim means that you imagine terrible things happening to you and getting very scared because they seemed so real that you couldn’t tell anymore if it was some sort of dream or reality.

Anxiety is you trying not to get up in the morning to face a day full of unknowns, and so you lie in a few minutes.

It means learning to accept a helping hand and learning to deal with it. It is learning to lean on someone else once in a while.

It is you making an appearance at an event you promised you would go to even though you don’t want to go anywhere at all.

Dealing with your high functioning anxiety means overcoming your fear and responding to texts and phone calls.

It is being strong enough to go against your natural inclinations and go outside your comfort zone.

It is you finally being comfortable in your skin and learning to be okay with who you are.

It is being in control of your reactions and your emotions. It includes treating yourself better and feeling better about yourself.

Take things easy. Live in the now not in the tomorrow, and you will be happy.

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