Scientific Research Blames Parents For The Rise In The Number Of Children Suffering From Mental Illness

The rise of mental illness in kids is at an all-time high. The last decade and a half have seen the most of this alarming highs. The statistics coming in from careful study of this phenomena is quite alarming. In fact, it is said that one in five children have some form of mental illness! And the following statistics give us more detail on the issue.

There has been a 40% spike in the amount of children with ADHD and an accompanying 35% rise in the cases of adolescent depression. And it gets worse, as there is a 200% increase in the suicide rate in kids ages 10 to 14. This is not normal at all!


Many parents and guidance are attempting to shift the blame to schools and similar centers of learning. This is not the best approach to solving this problem. Do children spend a significant amount of their time in school? Yes! But they are first and foremost kids who have parents before they are students who learn from teachers. And parents should take the responsibility that comes with birthing children.

Right now, new research findings coming, state that parenting styles and technique are a major factor that contributes to this problem. They say that such training has a direct impact on the way children’s brains develop. And poor parenting skills could lead to a child and even worse children who develop mental illness. And since this is quite a common phenomenon in the US, it is important that it is treated as a matter of urgency and should be addressed immediately.

Someone said that the way a nation of society cares for its own children speaks volumes about their values.

These reports have gone on to suggest that kids don’t have the healthy children as they used to get. Parent overwork themselves to exhaustion and therefore do not have the time and energy to emotionally pour into their kids. They are not there to meet their needs.

It was also discovered that children don’t get to learn the workings of life and their environment due to lack of responsibilities in the house. They are also not getting adequate sleep as they get hooked and addicted to available technology such as mobile phones, tablets, and video games.

And to make matters worse they don’t have a schedule to keep to. All these are issues that are giving our kids a poor childhood.


Now, as parents we need to solve this problem – we are the adults in the room, aren’t we? A lot of parents need to straighten their relationship with their kids. Be firm when you make well-informed decisions for your children. They may not understand it but they would thank you later for your stand on discipline and tough love.

In fact, it was found that some parents don’t actually say ‘no‘ to their children. Little wonder these kids grow up with a sense of entitlement that makes them unable to pull through life when things don’t go their own way. I mean, what are we as parents thinking? That we create this fairytale world for them as if the would live with Cinderella in their adult lives. We can and have to do better when comes to taking care of our kids.

Already, the consequences of our careless approach to parenting our kids are staring us in the face. They include public and juvenile demeanors that constantly plague our societies today.

Another way of enriching our kids’ childhood experience include taking them outside. Hiking and camping trips help a kid get in touch with their environment and offer opportunities for bonding between parent and child. Use such times to teach them the invaluable lesson you have helped mold you to become who you are – as an adult. Let them learn to be appreciative and grateful for what they have. And instill in them the virtue of courage, respect for fellow human beings and integrity.

It is also important to put a schedule and routine in their lives. No one is productive without some form of a routine of schedule. That on its own help us as humans to be sane. We as human love a healthy amount of stability in and around our lives and teaching our kids to keep to a routine helps their mental state of health. Only through these deliberate steps, can we avert the impending disaster that awaits us.

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