Science Says That Babies With Big Heads Tend To Be More Successful Due To Their Above Average Intelligence

It is not always fun to have a much larger head size than the majority. You don’t get to buy those amazing hats that would look good on you and you avoid front seats at concerts – or similar gatherings, that would warrant some rude person to curse you out just because you impede their vision with your large skull. This is the constant condemnation and silent struggle of big-headed folk.

These struggles don’t end with the tale of woes listed above, they continue into simple daily activities like wearing t-shirts whose average neck size can’t get past your head. The constant jeers from classmates throughout your stay in school. Not to mention of the ever-widening of your spectacles as they stretch to accommodate your head. In fact, when it comes to anything that has to do with head size, we begin to get these mini anxiety attacks.

Well, it sure looks like this dark cloud has shown it’s silver lining. After a long time of exclusion, sacrifice and self-loathing sometimes, we can wear our big heads with big pride and confidence.

A research that involved about 100,000 British volunteers has suggested that with a big head comes big perks.

UK Burbank has released data that reveals that there is a direct link between someone’s brain size, the surface area of the head and intelligence. Basically, they say that the bigger a baby’s head is at birth the more its chances of being an adult with an above average intelligence. Now, you may be concerned with the validity of such claims but scientists have claimed that this observation is a scientific and authentic one indeed.

In fact, it has been suggested that this data is reliable enough to be used as a strong predictor of a child’s ability to go to college, university or similar higher institutes of learning. And with these, it shows that they eventually turn out to get the better or – I would say, highly skilled jobs in society. These jobs are prominent in careers such as engineering, medicine or law. These jobs are prestigious and pay well. Hence such holders of these jobs are seen as successful in society today.

In fact, Ian Deary, Professor at the University of Edinburgh says: “In addition to there being shared genetic influences between cognitive skills and some physical and mental health status, the study also found that cognitive skills share genetic influences with brain size, body shape, and educational attainments.” This goes further to reinforce the observation that kids with bigger heads turn out to be more intelligent than the rest of their counterparts.

Well, that says it there but if you are thinking about the size of your infant’s head, then I am pleased to help you know where your baby lies on the scale of small to big. The average head size for baby boys is 36cm while the girls have a head size of 35cm. I hope that I have put your worried minds at rest.

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