People Who Hit The Snooze Button Are Happier, More Intelligent, And Creative

The public has a lot of misconception about the kind of people who use the snooze button, they are often looked upon as lazy and undisciplined folk, but the truth is far from this, and I would explain.

But before that, we would first have to see why hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock is seen as quite a negative thing.

First of all, a lot of people do believe that sleeping in after your alarm clock rings can affect your circadian rhythm – which is bad for your body and your productivity.

But then again, these are societal values, and when we zoom into our individual lives, we see the truth of the matter which is that almost all of us have at one point in time or the other, hit the snooze button. But that is the majority.

A few are habitual snooze button hitters. And if you are part of them, well science has something pleasant to say about that. It says that those who hit the snooze button are usually smarter, more creative people who lead happier lives than the rest of the population – those who strictly adhered to the daily morning cry of the alarm.

This was all gotten from a British scientific research paper that connects the use of the snooze button to IQ, creativity, and conscientiousness.

The scientific researchers who were involved in the study state in their research paper that those who could easily and quickly adapt to our modern demands of living today are far more intelligent and creative as compared to people who were held back by our natural hardwiring – which was to go to bed early and rise early too. That was what we have all picked up from our ancestors who used such behavior to adapt to their natural environments.

This is to say that adaptation is a huge sign of high intelligence. Also if we can tweak our sleep patterns to suit our needs and the demands of modern society in us, not only are we smarter but we are also more productive, and in turn, we develop independence too. We would have far more concentrated focus on our passions, and we would end up providing more value within the industry in which we are working.

Keeping up with this kind of attitude towards our careers, we end up at the top with all the pecks that come with such a position. And thus, find out that we live far more productive and happier lives than most.

The British study wasn’t the only scientific paper that focused on this, another from the University of Southampton was based on research that took into consideration the sleep patterns of 1229 volunteers – including men and women. Those who went to bed after 11:00 pm and woke up after 8:00 am, we’re said to have higher incomes, and as an effect, live far more comfortable lives and also feel happier in the average. These people are referred to as night owls.

But even with such research findings, it is unwise to assume that just by the mere fact that you go to bed late and wake up late you would be successful. It just doesn’t work that way. In fact, being successful and happy has a lot with being productive – keeping your body, soul, and spirit busy. Night owls who end up at the top of their professional careers are those who spent their waking hours engaged in activities that were of value to society. So spending a lot of time in bed doesn’t guarantee you success, and it is often the opposite. And even worse than failure is illness or death. It has been found that people who spend over 12 hours in bed have a very high chance of dying young.

But if you have to hit the snooze button, because you had to burn your midnight candle working, then you are free to do so. And I sincerely hope that all your hard work pays off in the long run.

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