If You Have Anxiety, Here Is How To Make It Work For You, Instead Of Against You

One of my personal favorite quotes is, “Growth is optional, change is inevitable.” It is evident that growth is directly linked to understanding, gratitude, and approval. There are multiple places that a person can go to get help with any of these processes. A large number of people look into activities such as meditation, blogging, sensible contemplating, and psychologist suggest that they can help almost all humans overcome depression and anxiety. However, you can also turn to popular culture for some surprisingly helpful understandings and knowledge.

The movie Insurgent has had numerous people claim to have breakthroughs while watching the movie. In one scene, a specific therapeutic value is when Tris is trying to pass a test of stimulation in order to heroically and bravely run away from a prison in the future. At this moment, Tris is brought face-to-face with her spectacular clone, and the all too real voices in her head have been labeled as life-altering to many people who have watched it.

This symbolism is awakened with even more life when Tris observes her clone come rushing at her, almost as fast as the speed of light. This is similar to the way people with anxiety feel when they are starting to have an anxiety attack and feel their anxiety, practically, rushing at them like Tris clone. Tris is forced to shield the negative statements that her clone is yelling at her from her head. She doesn’t want all the negative thoughts to invade her brain. Again, similar to how people with anxiety feel when their anxiety tries to force thoughts into their heads.

The last scene closes out the symbolism flawlessly. Tris stops fighting with her clone after she has an epiphany, forcing her to accept her clone and her ego as part of who she is, but while she is accepting this and forgiving herself, she can then move past all the negativity and return to normal life. “I will forgive you. I will love you,” are the final words that Tris speaks to her clone, before defeating her clone, and defeating anxiety.

When a person is feeling angry on the inside, it is very important for them to listen to what their anger is trying to tell them. Once you know what is making you angry, making you negative, and that the anxiety now has a name and/or purpose, then you can accept it. By doing this, you can release the anxiety back by addressing it. When you think, talk, write and/or meditate about the anxiety, you will be able to dismiss it because your body can now give it a name.

Of course, it sounds a lot easier than it will actually be for a person with anxiety (trust me, I know from personal experience); it might not seem easy for you. Anxiety is a dark and painful thing that is incredibly hard to describe to anyone. Learning and knowing what is triggering your anxiety and depression is the first step in recovering. Even though you know that talking, writing, thinking, and/or meditation can help you, that doesn’t make recovery easy or possible. You have to have precise focus and determination to get to the breakthrough that you want and need. Then you have to re-balance your feelings and views to get the harmony that you so desperately want and need. You can do it if you stay focused.

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