Does You Body Suddenly Jerk As You Are Falling Asleep? Here Is The Real Reason It Happens

Have you ever gone to bed and while trying to fall asleep, end up jerked from falling into some arbitrary abyss?

Well, you are not the only victim of this phenomenon. It is known as sleep jerking and depending on the individual, it is an uncomfortable and sometimes terrifying experience.

Waking from a jolt is one experience that will most likely occur more than once in one’s lifetime. And very few know the cause of this event.In fact, put it as one of the 5 body mysteries.

Those who experience it recall that they felt as if they were falling before being jolted to consciousness by some bright light or a loud bang.

Now, although experiences slightly differ, a common thread is that while trying to fall asleep, you end up jerked from falling off some imaginary cliff. And you are left with a racing heart and sometimes, a sweaty face.

This might get you curious about these annoying sleep twitches. And you might find yourself asking ” Why does it occur? ”

Source: DailyMail

Well – thanks to science, researchers have found an answer to your problem. Known as ”hypnic jerk” in scientific circles, scientists believe that a variety of factors cause it and the frequency of its occurrence.

They include:

* Caffeine – avoid taking coffee as you near bedtime.

* Sleep deprivation – plan out your daily routine and follow them strictly. This can help you salvage some sleep time that would otherwise be lost in the inefficient use of your time.

* Exhaustion – take on the big tasks early on in your day. You are your strongest and energetic self during the day, by evening you are tired. If you live those monstrous tasks for later, you will find yourself leveling a mountain with a shovel. Then stress and anxiety levels – two other culprits of sleep starts, begin to rise. This leaves you very exhausted by the end of the day.

Scientists say that – apart from these external factors, the brain plays a major role in this phenomenon. Processing sleep stages a little faster than normal, the brain ends up interpreting deep sleep as a body shut down or system failure.

And so it washes you over with chemicals – like adrenaline and Co, to knock you right back to reality.

These chemicals account for feeling like a bus almost hit you and the racing heart that occurs after the jerks.

Hallucinations and dreams of falling – also conjured by the brain, are reasons to activate those flight/fight senses.

So basically, the misfiring of your brain cells are responsible for those jump experiences that leave you with sweaty palms and a disjointed sleep cycle.

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