Do You Enjoy Dark Chocolate And Black Coffee? You Might Be A Psychopath According To New Study

When we hear the word “psychopath,” we usually begin to think of pure evil and toxic people, and we should be based on the definition of a psychopath. Based on the definition gotten from Wikipedia, a psychopath is ” Psychopathy, sometimes considered synonymous with sociopathy, is traditionally defined as a personality disorder characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, disinhibited, egotistical traits. Different conceptions of psychopathy have been used throughout history. ”

So, because of this definition and the fact that psychopaths are seen as dangerous people who display beguiling, and extremely murderous characters. Added to that is the fact that psychopaths are high up there on the spectrum with narcissists and sociopaths. This is why this article is going to confuse you a bit because we would be associating psychopaths with mundane such as coffee and chocolate. Everyday things that most people like. But not just any coffee but black coffee and not just any chocolate but the dark chocolate. It seems so far-fetched that psychopathy would have anything to do with black coffee and dark chocolate, however, they do have a connection, one that you would not have suspected in the least.

So, what do dark chocolate and black coffee have to do with psychopathy? Before we go there, let’s find out what is common between black coffee and dark chocolate. Bitterness, that’s what. Both of them are particularly bitter edible things that can be made sweet or at least sweeter than they are. So, back to the connection question. The connection between dark chocolate, black coffee, and psychopathy? Simple, bitterness. It is believed that most people who prefer bitter things to sweet things are most likely to be psychopaths. We are going to explore that possibility in this article today. So, read on to know how such a conclusion was reached.


Some scientists decided to carry out an experiment to find out if people who really liked bitter foods were indeed psychopaths. So, they picked about 1,000 people from the University of Austria where the experiment was being conducted. Surprisingly enough, they did find out that most people who enjoyed bitter foods like dark chocolate actually had darker personalities that pointed towards psychopathy.


The second phase of the experiment was carried out in two parts which included a sort of verbal questionnaire in which the subjects chosen were asked a couple of questions that were used to gauge their reactions to specific types of foods. During the first experiment, about 500 volunteers were offered a set of different foods that ranged from sweet to salty to bitter.


The participants were then tested on their personalities. In this phase of the test, every participant was asked to classify different foods on a scale that ranges from one to six which is supposed to know their levels of dislike for a particular food from extreme dislike to an extreme like for every single group. When they were done with choosing their preferences, they were then given another questionnaire that demanded personal information. They wanted to know the personalities of the subjects and the participants were asked questions to that end. What the second questionnaire was used for was to determine the participants level of Psychopathy, sociopathy, narcissistic personality disorder and so many other mental disorders.


Just as all good scientists should do, these scientists set up a control experiment to verify their results. The control experiment was carried out on only 450 people this time around, and the results gotten from the control experiments only served to reinforce their first findings. What the scientists discovered was that people who had a preference for bitter tasting foods also showed a lot of personality traits that are associated with personalities like Narcissism, psychopathy, sociopathy, and Machiavellianism. So, it could be said that having a preference for bitter tasting food is an indicator of a person’s personality.


So while those whose preference ran to sweet-tasting foods had a better personality trait than the other people who preferred bitter tasting food to sweeter ones. They had a better disposition, were a lot happier and had a better outlook on life. Now the question is, why is there a connection between preferring bitter foods to sweeter ones and the personality of a psychopath? Based on the theories of other scientists and researchers, they are to the conclusion that psychopaths love bitter tasting food because it gives them a rush. Some kind of thrill or adrenaline rush.


So that thrill analogy I gave in the last paragraph might have been a bit confusing to you and probably sounded like I was reaching. I mean, where does an adrenaline rush come from when you drink black coffee or eat dark chocolate? Well, the explanation would have to take us back to our high school biology classes. So, this adrenaline rush theory is actually made based on nature and evolution. You see, way before we were here, our ancestors, the early men, had to be smart not to eat poisonous poison and in each case, all that had ingested the poison narrated the same thing, the fruits were bitter.

Because of that, they began to associate the bitter taste with poisonous things. Fast forward to many generations later, we see nature trying to tell us that bitter food is poisonous even though not all of them are. So when psychopaths are eating bitter foods, they are just basically getting a rush because they did something that is supposed to have a negative back.


The author of the research and study, Ms. Christina Sagioglou had quite a lot to say about their research, and it’s findings. ”We found particularly robust correlations with everyday sadism. Everyday sadism is a construct related to benign Masochism— the enjoyment of painful activities— which was first described and investigated by psychologist Paul Rozin. To quote Paul Rozin for an explanation: ‘For the case of innately aversive foods, there may be pleasure from the fact that the body is signaling rejection, but the person knows there is no real threat,’” said the study’s author,


Well even though the results gotten from this study looked to have very legitimate results, there is still a space for extra and using the money to influence other people. This is because there are so many other people in the world who like bitter things but who aren’t also psychopaths. Besides, it does seem a bit weird to believe that my mind told me.


Psychopaths are very difficult people to peg. It is very hard to differentiate between a psychopath and a normal person because psychopaths are very good at flying under the radar. They are good at pretending to be a normal person while carefully concealing their psychopathic tendencies. This is why most people that end up being hurt by psychopaths got hurt because they did not know that they were dealing with a psychopath until the very end. That is how good at pretending they are and how dangerous they are.


How do we then know who a psychopath is? What symptoms or signs should alert us to the fact that we are dealing with a psychopath? A psychopath himself, Jacob Wells is here to tell us what makes someone a psychopath. He said a lot of things including lack of empathy, meanness, low level of fear and lack of control over their impulses. He also included “a grandiose notion of self-worth, the need for stimulation and impulsiveness, pathological lying, the ability to manipulate others and a lack of remorse and empathy.”


Psychopaths do not have the same reactions to everyday events like other normal people do. However, they know that they are abnormal, so they cover up their true reactions at once. They are good at learning from normal people and affecting those few reactions in public. They can deceive people for many years with the emotions that they have mimicked from normal people.


Psychopaths do have the ability to quickly adapt based on the person that they are conversing with. They can immediately act like they have the same interests in the same thing that you are interested in. They would be the most captivating people you have ever met especially when you meet them at first. But no matter how hard they try, they can only keep their pretense up for a while; if you really look closely, you would see the lies too.


Psychopaths have no empathy and so they can to process emotions the way that other people do, and so when it comes to a sincere heart to heart dinners or meetups, he would not show up. That’s because he doesn’t know how to articulate those emotions. So if you want to catch a psychopath watch them. Their body language is always going the wrong way compared to what she is saying. So, even when they are offering you heartfelt messages, watch out and don’t fall into their traps.


So the fact that most people who drink black coffee and who also like dark chocolate are psychopaths does not mean that they are all psychopaths. So, you should not be quick to cut them out of your life because they might not be psychopaths. Just pay close attention to your friends from now on. That would tell you what you need to know.

I hope this article would save you future heartbreak from hanging out with a psychopath.

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