According To Research, Man Flu May Actually Be Real

Every year during winter all men begin to get scared of the yearly male plague, the Man Flu. This dreadful affliction directed at the men is back again this winter.

Every single year unfailingly when winter comes and the weather becomes very cold, and snow begins to fall, the work of taking care of the family and keeping things afloat then falls to the women. Because whatever male that is in the house is suddenly plagued with the Man Flu which does keep them at a disadvantage and unable to help themselves; even to complete the most basic of tasks which includes reaching the tissues.

But why only the men? It might seem to you that this is some sort of bullshit story made up by someone except that it isn’t. Men really do have a worse time of it, and we need to accept that and understand that it isn’t just some story that was made up from someone’s experiences. There is new research to back up the hypothesis that men have worse time when it comes to cold and flu. But no one can tell for sure if men have worse symptoms than women.

However, a lot of research has been done on this topic, and some scientists have even come up with some reasons for this phenomenon, and one of those findings included the one that postulated that the estrogen had certain antiviral effects that worked against certain diseases like the flu. However, it was never proven by other scientists that the estrogen did contain anti-virus and so the Man Flu has never been fully proven.

However, quite recently, there has been a break when a researcher began to go through the different and numerous research that had previously been made on the Man Flu while looking for information for the Christmas edition of the BMJ. From the evidence that he saw, he is of the opinion that the Man Flu does exist.

However, don’t be quick to accept the existence of the Man Flu based on the Christmas issue of the BMJ which was titled “All Creatures Great and Small.” Because while it may have brought forth evidence that the Man Flu does indeed exist, it also did write that article informally and funnily written.

Don’t take this too seriously though, since this study featured in BMJ’s Christmas 2017: All Creatures Great and Small, comes off as playful and joking in a way. After all, this is the same magazine that told us how to put an end to a zombie attack in their Christmas issue of 2015, you know, just in case we ever do have a zombie attack.

A clinical assistant from the Memorial University in Newfoundland, Dr. Kyle Sue does have something to say about the Man Flu and its controversial existence. He says that “Despite the universally high incidence and prevalence of viral respiratory illnesses, no scientific review has examined whether the term ‘man flu’ is appropriately defined or just an ingrained pejorative term with no scientific basis.”

He also had something more to say about the existence of the Man Flu, and its symptoms. “Tired of being accused of over-reacting, I searched the available evidence to determine whether men really experience worse symptoms and whether this could have an evolutionary basis.

He did some comprehensive research on the existence of the Man Flu that included going through about 7 databases that contained the information that he was after. He read through so many papers that had been written on the topic of the Man Flu and even went as far as making sure that those papers were the results of a well-researched topic. It was only after he had concluded his own intensive research that he was then able to postulate that the men did not go over hype the symptoms they faced and that this might be so because of the fact that men have a weaker immune system reaction to viral respiratory diseases such as influenza.

Dr. Kyle did not stand alone. He had medical records that substantiated his claim that men did feel so much worse than women and not only that, they had worse symptoms and a higher rate of death than the women.

From Dr. Kyle’s studies, we can clearly see that there is a connection between the hormones of a man and his immune system response to viral invasions while women generally have stronger immune systems than that of men because of the estrogen that is contained in their body. Although it could either be that or a mixture of both.

But for now, there hasn’t been any full evidence to support the fact that the Man Flu is caused because of the different hormones contained in the different sexes. So for now, we have to wait until there is full evidence that different hormones are the cause of the Man Flu, we would have to remain in doubt of the Man Flu. However, if in later years, proof does come out to support the theory of the Man Flu, then what it would show is that women have a stronger immune system response to diseases than men.

For the women out there, have you noticed that the men that you are acquainted with get sicker or complain of worse symptoms than we do even when they got that virus from us?

If you’re a woman have you noticed that the men in your family become much sicker than you do when you have shared the same virus? As for the men, are you sure that you really do feel as bad as you tell her that you do or are you just moving for extra attention and chicken soup?

Unfortunately, we would never truly know if the Man Flu really does exist or if it is a whine for more attention from the men until there is conclusive evidence.

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