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Science Has Just Uncovered The Psychological Effects Of Dyeing Your Hair!

We all know that a lot of women dye their hair. There are a lot of reasons for this; some want to cover some grey hair while others use it to up their style. Meanwhile, there has been some activity in the academic world to discover the reasons behind people dyeing their hair.

But when it comes to the effects of dyeing your hair, a lot of progress has been made. And these psychological effects are going to be discussed below.

One major psychological effects is that it can be very addicting.

A trained psychologist who goes by the name Dr. Vivian Diller says that dyeing your hair can become a very addictive procedure. She goes on to reiterate her point but explaining that one that becomes part of your daily routine, you would be become accustomed to dyeing just as you are accustomed to eating, grooming and working. She says that the activities listed above become a habit after a long time of practice and so does dyeing your hair.

She goes on to say that some factors can influence the way individuals dye their hair. One of such factors is boredom. When people get tired of having a certain predictable look at all times, they will begin to dye their hair.

And when they do this over a certain period, they could turn their dyeing activity into a habit.

But although it is described as a highly addictive activity, Dr. Diller says that it doesn’t have any disadvantages except for hair damage.

Another psychological effect of dyeing your hair is self-confidence.

Some scientific research that was conducted by the Nottingham Trent University shows that ladies who are in the age bracket of 25 and 66 have a boost in self-confidence after they have dyed their hair.

About half the ladies who were volunteers in such a study say that they would be shy or embarrassed to sing or dance in front of strangers so far as that all that happened after they had dyed their hair.

Most of the women agreed that they wouldn’t mind giving some stranger in the street a helping hand. In fact, dyeing their hair would make them more open to doing that.

Also, it was discovered that ladies who dyed their hair would be a lot more confident when they wanted to ask for a promotion or salary raise at their places of work.

And it doesn’t end there; it was also discovered that ladies who dyed their hair were more likely to establish and defend their boundaries when it came to their relationship partners or friends and family.

Another psychological effect of dyeing your hair is that it makes you feel sexy.

The scientific study conducted by Nottingham Trent University goes on to state that as much as women get confident when they dye their hair, they are also sexually exciting, attractive and obstinate. In fact, they performed better in the workplace because they do receive criticism and become better instead of crumbling under pressure.

Half of the ladies that volunteered for this study said that they would take the initiative to ask someone out on a date or initiate sex if they have dyed their hair.

When it comes to the reasons why women dye their hair, the Nottingham Trent University study suggests that ladies dye their hair for the attention they get from doing so. They go on to say that they love to stand out among their friends and family.

So when will you begin to dye your hair to reap these amazing benefits shared above?

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