8 Signs A Woman Hasn’t Been Intimate In A Long Time

Incredible frustration comes along with not getting any action in the bedroom. Yes, you can “take care of yourself.” However, it still isn’t the same as taking someone into your bedroom for a night (or multiple nights) of fun. With that being said, staying celibate might be worse than you think.

Not having $3xual relations can have consequences on your health. There are many signs and symptoms associated with not being intimate. This is mostly true for woman. However, some of these may show up for a man as well… Here are 8 signs that a woman hasn’t been intimate in a while.

Low confidence

If you do not have $3x, then your self-esteem gets lower. When you go extreme lengths of time without any sort of $3xual relations, this is even truer. This makes you question your worth. You wonder if you are good enough for intimacy. You wonder “Is anyone attracted to me?” Please continue on reading and see if you have any other signs or symptoms


Your memory and ability to recall things takes a significant hit when you do not have $3x. You tend to focus on the fact that you haven’t had $3x and everything else takes a back seat. This causes you to forget things that happen in everyday life.

Tired/Not sleeping

With your brain being utterly focused on the fact that you have not been intimate in a long period of time, you cannot focus on anything else. This will also include sleep! $3x has been proven to make you fall asleep better. Your libido is going to start declining the more you go without. Thinking about your lack of love too much, will actually cause you not to have any.

Not feeling well

The chances of getting sick are actually increased when you go without for a long period of time. This can happen for many reasons. One could be because your hygiene is declining because you don’t have anyone to share your “secret” spots with. Also, the lack of sleep will decrease your immune system.


Particular medications will also cause you to go without intimacy. A lot of prescripts come with the small print. In that small print is the side effects. One common side effect is a decreased drive. Make sure you talk to your doctor before taking certain medications to avoid having a dry spell.


Not having any love will actually cause you to be introverted, ironically enough. You don’t want to interact with people due to your lack of self-confidence. However, in order to break this dry spell, you will need to interact with people.

Belly Flab

This doesn’t pertain to absolutely everyone. However, not having $3x will mean you need to exercise more. $3x is considered a “regular” exercise, so without it, you are more likely to gain weight. The average person burns 100 calories while engaging in intimacy. Over time that is going to be a lot of extra calories.

Getting old

You are more likely to develop gray hair and wrinkles if you do not have $3x. Ironically, you also lose your libido as you age. There are too many adverse side effects to not having $3x. Therefore, stay happy and stay intimate!

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