8 Different Types Of Empaths: Which One Are You?

Empaths are in an abridged version, the healers of the world. They are the direct opposites of bad personality traits like narcissism, psychopathy, and sociopathy. But who are empaths and how can they be recognized?

The most distinguishing trait of an Empath is their ability to not only feel what other people feel but to be able to take on those feelings as if they originated from you. What this means is that an Empath can feel what other people feel in such a way that it would seem as if they were the ones who owned the feelings.

So, how do we recognize an Empath and how can you tell if you might be an Empath yourself? That’s easy. Empaths have a couple of characteristics, and some of them include the following. Empaths have the ability to sense feelings and auras from people around. They are known to love nature and animals and to detest quarrels and fights. They love to give to people selflessly. They show a great level of sensitivity and are known to have very introverted personalities.

Empaths find it very hard to say no to people and as a result can often get hurt by people. They do not have a limit on their love and are very loyal to a fault. Empaths are filled with the burden to make the world a better place and can sometimes burn themselves out from overworking. They also need to learn when to stop so that they don’t end up hurting themselves in a bid to help people. Their soft-heartedness has made them easy marks for scammers before, and they need to be on their guard against such people. Empaths do have their downsides in the sense that they can’t have many friends and feel uncomfortable being in the presence of so many people because they get bombarded by so many auras.

You probably already know if you are an Empath or not based on the definition and characteristics outlined above. If you are not sure, but you feel that you are an Empath, you can take a test to be sure. However, for those that are certain of their empath status, many types of empaths exist from the geomantic empath to the psychometric empath, every empath has a type and niche of specialization. So, in this article today I will be writing about 8 types of empaths. Read on below to know just what type of empath you are, and maybe that would help you to understand some things that might be going on with you. Who knows, you might even be a mixture of two different types of Here are the 8 types of empaths.

1. Claircognizant Empaths

You might have come across this particular type of empath, or you might even be one. So, a Claircognizant empath is one that is described as ‘clear knowing.’ What this means, in essence, is that you can sense quite clearly a lot of things. You just know that something is going to happen or you just somehow know something that most people don’t know. Just like the other ‘claims’ like clairvoyance which denotes clear seeing and Clairaudience which means clear hearing. If you are Claircognizant, you are able to see the bigger picture, and you just might be good at chess if you haven’t tried it because you have an ethereal uncanny ability of knowing what could come out of certain decisions and moves. Somehow these exhibitions of your gift aren’t even conscious. It’s like you just know that you have to be at a certain place at a certain time and then after it has occurred, you realize that your Claircognizance manifested itself.

2. Emotionally Receptive Empaths

Have you ever looked at someone in pain and felt as if you were them? Did you for a second or more feel all the pain that they were feeling at that moment? Have you ever heard the story of someone who was kidnapped and murdered and suddenly you could feel your chest almost bursting from all the feelings of fear, hopelessness, and helplessness? If this has happened to you, then you are a physically receptive empath. What this means is that you a sense and feel the emotions of others from pain to happiness to tiredness and stress. You have a unique ability to put yourself in the shoes of others and feel what they do. These empaths generally try to stay far away from stressful encounters and situations where they can sense these feelings. They also get drained easily because if the emotions that they absorb on a daily basis.

3. Fauna Empaths

These are empaths that have a very strong connection to animals and nature. They are able to absorb the emotions and feelings of animals and can mostly be seen spending time with animals or in the woods. Another very remarkable thing about these fauna empaths is that they have been known to be able to communicate with animals to a high degree that baffles lots of people. A career that entails working with animals would be a wonderful choice for fauna paths to pursue. In fact, fauna empaths are so good with animals that it comes off as if they prefer the company of animals to humans and who knows they just might like animals more than humans.

4. Geomantic Empaths

From geo, you have a pretty good idea where the skills of this empath veer to. Geomantic empaths are empaths that have a close relationship with the environment. They are very attuned to the earth that they can tell when there has been the slightest change. You might be surprised to learn that they have been known to predict weather changes way before it looked like rain was going to fall. Some of them can also predict natural disasters just from paying attention to the earth and its rhythms. Another side to their gift is the ability to sense the aura of a place. They can feel when something bad has occurred in a particular place just from the aura that the place is giving off. You might want to take a Geomantic empath to check out your new house to know if it’s haunted before you move in. They can feel those things even when they occurred several years ago. They absolutely are the happiest that could ever be when they are in the open, enjoying nature and learning from it too and because of this, they tend to overdo it and should remember error to rest a lot.

5. Medium Empaths

Ever heard the word medium before? I bet you have and you associate it with a gypsy woman dressed in some respects colors, a dark room, hand holding, eerie movement of the glass orbs on a creaking table, incense and finally the ashy appearance of a ghost. Right? It’s either that or you associate it with fake tricks that come with the fair. Well, it might surprise you to know that mediums are types of empaths. Not all of the mediums are fake people turning tricks and ripping off grieving people.

Mediums are a type of empath which has a very close relationship and connection with the dead and otherworldly beings. They can see, talk to and hear from the dead and the other beings that inhabit the other world.

6. Precognitive Empaths

I bet you want to be this type of empath right now. I mean, what is better than having the ability to see things before they happen. Like they say ‘hindsight is 20/20.’ It would totally rock if you were able to know what the consequences of your present decisions would be. It would definitely save most of us a lot of pain. Well, some lucky people have this foresight, and they are described as precognitive empaths. They have the ability to see things before they happen. They can sense that things are about to happen.

Most times they get to see future events through their dreams or sometimes in some cases, they can see it as a trance while they are awake. It is important to note that sometimes, precognitive empaths are unable to see in clear details the future event but sort of get a real general idea of what it is about. While other times some can see the events clearly but not the people it would happen to, and on really rare occasions they can clearly see the events and the people who it would happen to.

7. Telepathic Empaths

Telepathic empaths have a rare gift that allows them to be able to access the contents of other people’s minds. So if you have a friend who always seems to know what you are thinking about or feeling, he might be a telepathic empath. A good example is the heroine of the blood series, Sookie Stackhouse who could read the minds of everybody.

8. Psychometric Empaths

Psychometric Empaths are very good at absorbing auras of people just from either touching or smelling or even seeing objects that belonged to them. If you have ever heard of people who could find missing people just from touching their clothing, then you probably heard of a psychometric empath. They exhibit clairsentience.

All of the 8 types of empaths discussed in this article have very special gifts that could be very useful in the society. At the same time, they all have emotionally draining gifts that can cause serious health problems to the empaths if they do it regularly take care of themselves making sure that they have lots of recharge time.

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