5 Things Every Woman Wants For Her Man To Keep Her Happy

It can be very intimidating for a man when he hears “You don’t know what women want.” It is a claim amongst society that nobody knows what women want, or that women are SO hard to understand. This generalization is incredibly one-sided and unfair. Women are just as easy to understand as any men. Most of these generalized statements come from men that have difficulties understanding women. This is because they are usually complicated themselves, and don’t want to take the time to do things that a woman wants. Therefore, for the unbiased people of the world, here are 5 things that can make a guy’s life much easier, by doing these things to make your woman happy and content.

Be Honest

This is the easiest thing you can do to win over a woman’s heart. We all make mistakes. A woman is not going to be mad at you for making a mistake. All you have to do is own up to it and tell her the truth about it. When you tell her a lie, she is going to find out (face it, women are basically FBI). Guys, you are going to hurt her much more by lying. She will end up finding out the truth later and be hurt badly because you lied. Be yourself in front of her. Don’t be someone else behind her back. You will be faking your entire relationship when she finally sees the real you. She is going to love you for who you are, and if she doesn’t then it probably wasn’t meant to be anyway. It takes zero dollars and zero cents, to be honest, and you get a TON of rewards for being honest.

Give her your time

I have said this countless times, and I’ll say it again, “time is the most valuable present you can give someone.” The effort of making time for your woman is going to be the best part of it all. When she feels like she is the only one you want to spend your time with, then she feels like the queen of the universe. What you need to do, is take time out of your busy schedule, have your own days where it is just the two of you. I know life gets busy, but taking time away from the hustle of life and devoting it to her, will make her beyond happy. It’s all about prioritizing.

Be Understanding

I have had a lot of arguments with my girlfriend. I realized where I was wrong. I was always there for her physically when she needed me to be, and I was always there for her emotionally. However, when it comes down to her dark moments, I didn’t listen or understand her as much as I should have. Now, I know when she REALLY needs me, and I know what she means to me. It has taken some time to actually achieve true understanding. However, it is worth it. Understanding women may be a little difficult, but understanding YOUR WOMAN is not impossible; it just takes time and patience.

Be emotionally there for her

Many men think it isn’t “manly” to be emotional. However, your woman will love it. Women love when their man show them how they are feeling. They love seeing the tender, soft, kind side of you. I have always been emotional with my girlfriends. I have cried on their shoulders. I have always been very highly emotional with all my feelings and letting her know how I feel. This has built a trust much bigger and strong than any relationship, where I bottled up how I was feeling. I have never kept a wall between me and her when it comes to my emotions. It’s okay be vulnerable in front of her. She won’t judge you. She will only love you more.

Be her strength

She needs you to protect her physically, as well as emotionally. Women need you to be their strength when they are down, as well as when they are up. They shouldn’t have to ask you to be her strength either. It is your job as the man to take care of her, no matter what. Anytime my girlfriend has had a dark time, I have always been

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