10 Questions That Will Confirm If You Are An Ambivert

History only shows that there are introverts and extroverts. However, there is a percentage of people who feel, as if, they are both. These people are called ambiverts. They feel like they are right in the middle. Check out these 10 questions to see if you may be an ambivert.

1. Do you have characteristics of being an introvert and an extrovert?

Introverts are reserved, focused on inner activity, and often times think things through to develop an opinion before they speak on it. However, an extrovert is outgoing, talkative, and are more sensitive to rewards. With that being said, if you find you have characteristics of both, then you may be an ambivert.

2. Do you like to be alone but still enjoy social activities?

Similar to an introvert, ambiverts like to have some alone time to relax and gather themselves, especially after a long, hard day. With that being said, they also like to go out and socialize, usually with friends, but if they have to social with just strangers, they will make the most out of it.

3. Can you tell when you should trust someone?

Being able to tell when you should or can trust someone is a lot easier for an ambivert than it is for an extrovert or an introvert. The reason behind this is because extroverts have a tendency to trust people very quickly. However, an introvert takes more time judging the person and situation. They look at relationships very cautiously before they trust someone. That is why an ambivert is best at knowing when to trust someone.

4. Is handling stress hard for you?

Having alone time to recharge is a must have for an introvert. An extrovert tends to look for socialization in order to recharge. However, with ambiverts, they fall in the middle. Sometimes they want to be alone, and other times they want to socialize. It can be difficult to tell which one they need.

5. Can you adjust to any situation with ease?

Ambiverts are great at adjusting to any situation. They can easily fit into a busy nightclub, or they can curl up with a book all alone. Introverts prefer to be sitting with a book, and extroverts like to be at the busy club.

6. Is making decisions a difficult process for you?

An introvert and an extrovert make decisions for very different reasons. When you are stuck in the middle (ambivert), then it can be even more of a difficult situation for you. With that being said, being indecisive is a strong trait of an ambivert.

7. How well do you communicate with other people?

The easiest way to be good at communicating is to be able to listen and speak. Extroverts tend to be really good at talking, but introverts are better at reading body language. Ambiverts do both. Therefore they are really good at communicating.

8. Would you consider yourself a salesman or an entrepreneur?

Introverts are great at being in a leadership role – this carries over into the traits of an ambivert. From the extrovert side, an ambivert is great at working with other people. Therefore, most entrepreneurs are ambiverts.

9. Are you better at working in a group or a solo project?

An extrovert loves to work as a team. On the other hand, an introvert likes to work alone. With an ambivert, they do well with both types of projects. This is why it is easier for them to get projects down with ease.

10. Are any of your friends a mixture of extrovert and introvert?

Ambiverts can get along with anyone. They tend to have friends that are both extroverts and introverts

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