You Know That Jerk Who Merges Last Minute? Turns Out They Are Right!

Ever been in a hurry to an appointment and praying the cars before you would all just disappear but you get stuck in a heavy traffic. Annoying right? Well, what is even more annoying is those very rude drivers who just cut into your lane at the last minute. That one usually pisses most people off. That is so wrong on so many levels and almost everyone has a great dislike for them unless you do a bit of cutting in yourself.

However, the Department of Transportation in Kansas city officials are saying that these obnoxious people are actually right! Shocker huh? I know. It got me too.

The Kansas City Department of Transportation has given very valid reasons to prove the fact that cutting into a lane at the very last minute is the best.

One of these is that cutting into the lane using the zipper method, can actually improve our traffic troubles by a whopping 35%. Personally, I think this is reason enough but it gets better.

The zipper style is quite simple. The cars hoping to cut in just move as forward as possible and seamlessly join the other lane in between cars.

Imgur | 162843

Turns out that cutting into the lane at the last second gets everyone to their destination faster. I know, you’re changing your mind about cutting into the lane right? I mean, who doesn’t want to get to their destination faster? No one.

Remember though, you have to do it using the zipper style… This is because it eliminates the biggest disadvantage of cutting into lanes at random places, the movement of vehicles don’t have to stop in both lanes.

Also, merging in the zipper style is more organized and can really reduce the risk of accidents unlike an unanticipated cutting, which is more likely to cause a few accidents.

reddit | Oriek

Below is what the zipper method looks like.

YouTube | kansastransportation

Although the Kansas City, Department of Transportation has made this information available to drivers they still find it hard to just cut in. Perhaps, it’s because they used to join the lane immediately.

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