What Your Hairstyle Says About Your Personality

Your hair isn’t just a bunch dead protein strands. The way they look tell a lot about the owner. In most cultures, hair is used as an ornament. It plays an important role in beautifying an individual.

If you doubt me take a look at the numerous products in the market whose sole purpose revolves around hair care.

Now, as it is with every ornament we put on, the hair is just another instrument to express ourselves. And so we leave parts of our identity in the way we beautify and shape our hairs.

In this article, we will be looking into hairstyles and what each one says about the wearer.

But just before we get into the list of hairstyles or hair types, we would look at how much influence our hairs have on us humans.

Bad Hair Day.

Your hair may not seem to be of much importance till we get a bad hairstyle or haircut. And all of a sudden every other thing seems to fall apart all through the day.

When celebrities have drastic hairstyle changes, we can’t help but notice and obsess over it.

We spend that much attention to our hairs too. Whenever we have to make a drastic change to our hairstyle, we find ourselves procrastinating on making the decision.


When it comes to your personality, your hairstyle tends to match your personality. Those with brightly colored hair are usually high in openness and are usually fun to be with. They are extroverted and relaxed about their worldviews.

While those with short hair tend to be conservative in nature. They also tend to be very disciplined and conscientious people. They most likely aren’t creative people as they like to have their lives structured and uniform.

Then those who like to have their hair in perfect order all the time usually care a lot about the way they look especially in public.

Now to the list, we would begin with redheads.


The red hair gets the attention of most people. And that is one color that many don’t easily wear as it brings a lot of attention to the wearer.

But when it comes to personality, a red-haired woman is usually an extroverted, fun loving person. They love action and would immediately feel uncomfortable if they get into a boring situation. They also tend to avoid negative situations and instead prefer to be in places where things seem to be discussed on a lighter note.

Curly Hair.

For the curly hair person, you have the reputation of being an empathic and open-minded person. You also love to get things done and done quickly. You have a strong work ethic. When you are for something, you are very passionate about it. You do well when you are in situations that warrant you to lead people effectively. Your creativity makes it difficult for you to focus on one thing for too long. So you tend to have different if not numerous hobbies or activities you love doing.

Your passionate nature tends to also make you overly dramatic sometimes too.

Thick Hair.

For the thick-haired woman, you are known for the high energy you bring to an activity or project. You are also a non-quitter. That is possible because you are disagreeable and strong-willed in nature.

But apart from the clashes, you would have here and there, the combination of all these natural attributes play to your advantage as they all help you get things done.

Medium Length, Casual.

Ladies with the medium length and casual cut hair tend to be optimistic and easy going. You also have a very good sense of what to do at the right time and thus avoid getting caught in sticky situations.

But when you find yourself in problems that don’t have straightforward solutions, you tend to lose your patience and cool. This could lead you to quit at things you aren’t good at from the get-go. So you tend to live a simple lifestyle while avoiding complex problems.

Long, Wash and Go.

The majority of people don’t like to go this route with the hairdo, but you are fine with it because you find it comfortable dealing with your hairstyle.

You don’t have the herd mentality and like to figure things out for yourself before coming to a conclusion about them.

You also don’t like distractions. You love to focus on one thing at a time until the specified job is done.

Short, Wash and Go.

You don’t really care about much. You also prefer to avoid your problems rather than face them head-on. You also are very good at toning down your emotions too. That is the underlying reason behind you going for this type of hairstyle.

Don’t Care Hair.

You are very selfless in nature. Other people’s problems come before your own because you are very empathic in nature. Your decision to wear a simple hairstyle comes from your busy lifestyle. You always have much more important things to do than making your hair.


You are the romantic type. You are emotional and unapologetic about it. You also tend to be a people person as you have no problem relating to people of different backgrounds or worldviews.


You are unique, and you aren’t ashamed of it. Whenever you set your eyes on a goal, you go ahead to pursue it even if it means you go against conventional wisdom. This is what puts you in the position of doing the impossible and setting yourself apart from the competition.


You are very low in openness and cannot usually sugarcoat things. You like to go straight to the point and thus can sound brash and rude at times. You are also very goal oriented and conscientious, and that makes you achieve whatever you set your mind to achieve.

Straight Hairline.

For those who have a straight hairline, you are a natural rebel. You didn’t like feeling boxed in and so tend to fight authority when you sense your sovereignty is threatened. You also hate injustice.

You are a goal oriented person and thus tend to go after whatever you have decided is valuable to you at the moment. This is why you are unrelenting when you are fighting for justice.

Rounded hairline.

For ladies who have rounded hairlines, you tend to be very law-abiding people. You like to have uniformity and orderliness in your life. You are conservative and kind-hearted by nature but can be combative if you feel you are being taken for a ride.

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