Your ’80s Dreams Have Come True. The ‘Sixteen Candles’ House Is For Sale

The house that introduced us to Samantha, Geek, Jake, Jim Baker and many more is officially on the market for purchase.

In case you missed it, the “Full House” house was up for rent recently for a whopping $14,000 a month in rent. Then the “Father of the Bride” house was up for sale for a “low” price of $1.998 million. And now, the “Sixteen Candles” house is up for sale!

During the filming of the movie, it was home to Molly Ringwald. However, this house could now be yours for ONLY $1.499 million. It is a mansion from the ‘80s, so hopefully, you weren’t expecting it to be cheap.

Yes, the movie makes everyone want this house a little bit more. However, the house was originally bought for $1.25 million back in 2006. However, the owners have since updated the bathrooms, the kitchen and even added an outdoor walkway with a veranda.

This beautiful home is located just outside of Chicago in Evanston, Illinois. Your dream home has been found. It comes equipped with six bedrooms and 5 bathrooms!

Doesn’t this entryway look like home?

This staircase looks kind of familiar, huh?

Check out this gorgeous living quarters. This is the perfect place to sit and watch ‘Sixteen Candles’!

Remember when Sam and her dad has the heart-to-heart about Jake Ryan late one night?

Not to mention, this kitchen is amazing!

The bedrooms are pretty luxurious as well!

However, the outdoor walkway with veranda makes this house all worthwhile in itself.

Head on over to the @properties website for even more info about the property.

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