What Type Of Drunk Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign? Everyone Loves A Taurus Drunk

Most people love to drink but have you ever wondered how our zodiac signs affect our relationship with the green bottle?

Well, we have got all that information for you.

Check it out…

1. Aries – Lets tongue loose

The Aries doesn’t shy away from a challenge, and so they wouldn’t see any reason not to partake in any and every drinking game that comes their way. And when they get involved with these drinking contests, they brighten up the whole environment with their excellent sense of humor and merry heart. But the downside to all this is that when the Aries is drunk, they may become brutally frank. They would say it the way it is and wouldn’t mind sugar coating anything.

2. Gemini – The talkative guy

Now, the talkative Geminis don’t steer from their natural inclination to wag their mouths – even when drunk. Under the influence of booze, the Geminis also have in-depth conversations with whoever would be willing to listen. They would also tend to say what is on their mind and wouldn’t hide their true feelings.

3. Pisces – The dumb and audacious drunk

Pisces is not known to drink up a lot before getting drunk. And when they get drunk they could do some of the craziest things you could imagine. But if for some reason they have built up a reasonable tolerance for alcohol, then they would just keep drinking and drinking till they are the last one to pass out at a party. Such makes them folks that no one wants to hang around when drunk. Very few people can put up with their drunk drama.

4. Cancer – The vibing drunk

The Cancers aren’t the most emotionally stable people you will meet. They are easily swayed by the moment and would, therefore, find it hard to say enough is enough. They would be the guys that get carried away with the party’s energy that they would have to pass out to quit. They are known to drink heavily and can quickly be addicted to things – especially the ones that give pleasure. When they are drunk, you will find them all over the place regarding their personality, and that could be confusing for those who keep them company in these times. Such behaviors – although unpleasant, are brushed aside as the Cancer’s sweet, sober personality make up for it.

5. Leo – The dance floor guy

The Leo loves to channel his/her drunk energy towards dance and music. That is why they would take to the dance floor for hours unending when they are drunk. So far as the music is excellent and the booze keeps flowing, they would dance till the sun is up. That way they don’t act rash or do some drunk, stupid stuff.

6. Sagittarius – The Crazy one

The Sagittarius would always be interested in the fun and spontaneous stuff. That carefree and open nature is the main reason they are willing to try new things like party at someplace they didn’t know about. They are also shameless drunks who would often get into brawls with other people over the flimsiest of issues. They wouldn’t be bothered by social norms of courtesy and therefore let out shameful secrets of their friends. So I’d advise that in a party, you keep tabs on your friend if he/her she is a Sagittarius.

7. Virgo – The chill drunk

The Virgo isn’t known to be into drinking. In fact, it is unlikely to see one regularly under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They do love to get some shots from time to time – especially if they are celebrating some event with their friends. They are also not likely to be found at huge public event centers such as bars or nightclubs. Instead, they prefer to be at some private house party. Although they hardly ever get drunk, when they do things could get a little bit weird because they could spill vulgar slurs. Be warned.

8. Libra – The wild drunk

The Libras cherish and adore freedom. They would instead dictate the twist and turns of their life than have someone or anything lay a straight road for them. But unfortunately, they can take this too far by not having self-control. They would go on as long as the booze keeps flowing. And you know where this is going right? They end up in very awkward and embarrassing situations. But by the time you and everyone see them so this time and time again, their drunk exploits would seize to amaze you. By then they must have gotten, they name of party animal by friends and the public alike.

9. Capricorn – The cold and calculating drunk

The Capricorns are known to be very disciplined. They would hardly ever be seen drunk, but when they do? It gets interesting. They would take a lot more than is necessary. This could happen when taking alcoholic shots becomes some competition, and their reputation of respect is at stake. Then they would shock the challengers by doing more than was expected of them. They are addicted to winning and would do whatever it takes to silence their critics.

10. Aquarius – The storyteller drunk

The Aquarius loves to have fun when they are drunk. Although it could be seen as being goofy or silly, the Aquarius isn’t bothered. They would get everyone’s attention before going into tales of almost unbelievable stories about their experiences in life. They would be that one person at the party who would want to capture the whole party experience by taking photos or recording the party from their phones.

11. Scorpio – The intelligent drunk

The Scorpio is quite a smart bunch who would stick it to other people’s faces when they are drunk. People could interpret that as being cocky but remember that they are under the influence of alcohol. They would also tend to be extreme when it comes to having fun while partying. They are either feeling it, or they aren’t. And so it wouldn’t be odd to see a Scorpio leave the party before the fun begins or be the last one to drag their drunk self-home.

12. Taurus – The merry drunk

The Tauruses are the party clowns. They are easy going people who just want to make everyone happy. They get comfortable when they are with friends and family, and wouldn’t mind cracking a few scalding jokes here or there. They would even be okay being the butt of most jokes if that would keep the party vibe going.

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