What Does Your Destiny Number Reveal About Your Personality?

Scientists in the Journal of Social Behavior and Personality have discovered that those who were aware of their astrological or zodiac signs tend to know a lot about the personality that has been attached to their zodiac signs. And they knew next to nothing about the personality of other zodiac signs.

That knowledge and connection to our astrological or zodiac signs can be seen in our relationship with our destiny number in numerology. And such connections thickens when we are going through tough times. A scientific research paper on Journal of Social Psychology has stated that matters concerning chance and fate were usually sought out in astrology or numerology. It went on to explain that when people were going through turbulent times, they would often seek direction from numerology or astrology. Now, everyone here has experienced rough times of situations where we begin to seek solutions to the problems we battle with actively. As stated above, some would seek solutions to their problems by consulting their astrological signs while others would take the route of numerology.

If you would like to take the numerological route, then you would have to know your destiny number.

This Is How You Can Identify Your Destiny Number.

* Write down the figures 1 – 9 right on top of the page of a piece of paper.

* Them when you have done that, write a letter under each number beginning with the letter A for the number 1.

* In that order till the letter ‘I’ is mapped to the number 9. Then you continue with the letter J mapped to the number 1 through N under 5, to R under 9.

* And so on and so forth. If you have mapped the letters to words accordingly, you would have the final letter Z, mapped to the number 8 as you complete the final row of letters.

For more illustration, your alphanumeric grid should appear like this if you have done it right.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9




Now, to find your destiny number, you have to add the numbers mapped to the letters of your first, middle and last name. When you have summed up these numbers to get the result. You have to sum up the results in such a way that the final sum of your results would be a single digit number.

An illustration of the above process is laid down below.

Let’s say a lady named Stella Maryann Daniel wants to know her destiny number, this is how she would go about it.

She would correctly draw the alphanumeric grid

and then deduce the following numbers from the alphanumeric grid – based on the letters of her first middle and last name.

She would start with Stella

1 + 2 + 5 + 3 + 3 +1 = 15

The number 15 would be separated into two figures 1 and 5 before being added together to get the single digit number 6.

See below…

1 + 5 = 6

Then she does the same for her middle and last name. Let’s see how she does this.


4 + 1 + 9 +7 + 1 + 5 + 5 = 32

Separate the figures of your sum so that you get 5.

3 + 2 = 5.

Then for her last name Daniel, it goes like this

4 + 1 + 5 + 9 + 5 + 3 = 27

As usual, separate the two-digit sum and then add them to get a single digit.

2 + 7 = 9

Now she adds all the final single digit sums of her three names and the resultant single digit sum would be her destiny number.

Stella (6)

Maryann (5)

Daniels (9)

So here she sums them all up to get 6 + 5 + 9 = 20

Now that Stella has a sum that still has double digits, she would separate both figures of the double-digit sum to get a final single digit number – which is her destiny number.

2 + 0 = 2

So she has arrived at her destiny number – a single digit sum 2.


So now you have seen how Stella got to know her destiny number as 2, you can do it too. Take your time as you follow the steps above to get your own destiny number.

Have you discovered your destiny number? If you have then let’s move on to the next segment. But in the case that you haven’t, go back and review the steps again.

What Does Your Destiny Number Say About You?

According to soulnumerology.com – an authority website in this field, your destiny number isn’t just an ordinary number. It tells a lot about your personality, talents, and abilities unique to you and your natural tendencies. The website says

‘This number describes your inherent traits and often natural talents that you come here with. It speaks a great deal to your potential and what you can likely accomplish. It is often referred to as a “destiny” number for this reason because it speaks of qualities inherent within you that you can work to develop.’

Now that we know all that, we can now go ahead to see what each destiny number reveals of those who possess them.


Someone with the destiny number one is an individual who loves to lead. He/she is usually born with some natural leadership tendencies. And if they are groomed or nurtured appropriately, they would turn out to be great leaders. They are also very creative people whose ingenuity shines forth in tough times. They know how to find nonconventional ways of solving problems. And while they are it, they usually don’t give up easily. They are a very determined folk and would see whatever projects they started to the end. Their aura of optimism, enthusiasm makes them very popular. And that makes them become politicians or celebrities who attract a huge following.


Those who fall under the destiny number 2 are known to be the peacemakers. They are very good at negotiations because they have no problem compromising for the greater good. They are very agreeable people who wouldn’t be caught breaking the law. They are Cam fit into a team and still be productive, and so they usually excel in such environments. They also have to watch out for predators who seek to tramp on them and abuse their agreeable nature. Such predators could come in the form of a mean and abusive boss or relationship partner. They also tend to beat themselves unfairly when things go wrong. They should be aware of such and try to avoid it.

I guess Stella would benefit from this advice.


Those whose destiny numbers are 3 are very extroverted creatures. They love to be out and about. They are also very free-spirited individuals who are open-minded and curious to get to know more about the world. They excel when it comes to any type of communication especially verbal communication. They love the party life, and when they are having fun, they would like to be in the spotlight. They are the ones that crack those funny jokes at parties or similar get-togethers. They are also sensitive people who can feel down easily especially when they are in a negative or toxic environment. And so they would avoid such places or people who are capable of producing such environments. They are positive empaths who would always look forward to a better future than grumble about their present problems.

When it comes to money, the destiny no 3 folks can be reckless as they are motivated by emotions than reasoning and logic. And their bad spending could spiral out of control whenever they aren’t in a good mood. Their dread of any form of negativity could lead them to take extreme measures to find happiness and joy. And that could cost a lot of money.


The destiny 4 folks are very solid individuals. They are very dependent people when it comes to their relationships with their friends and family. They are also very productive people at work as they are naturally orderly and organized people. That helps speed up the process of their work without them losing quality. And so it isn’t hard to see these people as being very efficient at what they do. They are also very ambitious people who are very focused on whatever it is they view as the prize. They are also very practical people who follow the book of common sense to the latter and wouldn’t be easily swept off their feet. A lot of people would view them as being too dull or bland and would regard their realistic view on life as being pessimistic. They would also be strong-willed people who wouldn’t easily change their views of opinions on certain things in life. They do very well in business and would most likely head large corporations.

For the people under this destiny number 4, it is important to know that one’s strengths could also turn out to be their weakness. And so it is important that you keep an open mind when it comes to the things of life. Your success could depend on it.


For the destiny 5 guys, they are the artsy type. Multi-talented people who are bubbling with passion and energy. They are very open-minded people who love to meet new people and have fun. They are very good at communications and would usually find themselves as salesmen or saleswomen, law or even politics.

They are also drawn to challenging work or anything that can grab their attention and focus. And when they don’t find such productive activities they usually get bored and could begin to cause problems. Their restlessness also makes them jump from one relationship to another.


The destiny number 6 guys are very loyal people who love to be around their friends and family. They are very responsible folks who lead very successful lives. They are also known to be workaholics who can get addicted to their jobs as they try to reach for excellence. They also find it hard to change their ways and would rather be conservative when it comes to anything that seems radical to them. They love routines and predictability. They are ambitious too but are know so much in the chase for individual fame or honor. They would rather work behind the curtain for the greater good of all.

But sometimes their cause for perfection coupled with their Super Hero complex could make them burn out quickly. They want to spectacularly change a world that doesn’t even recognize their efforts. This they can get depressed easily.


Those under destiny number 7 are very smart people. They are also very thoughtful and reflective people. They are usually drawn to academic activities and intellectual work. They also like to keep to themselves. Very introverted, they would rather sit back and evaluate situations than to be in the fray of the action.

They can be very toxic and negative whenever they are frustrated at something.


The destiny number 8 guys are very hardworking and focused groups of people who love to set goals and achieve them. They also are organized and thus hate being unprepared for anything. They tend to go towards professions that are very stable over long periods of time. They are also known to be good savers too.

Sometimes such people could come across as being too strict and rigid or stiff-necked. And so many people wouldn’t like to work with them or for them. They have to become open-minded and feel comfortable taking risks.


As for destiny 9 guys, they are emotional empaths who love to help people solve their problems. And as a result, they are very generous people. Apart from that, they are also sensitive people who could get swayed by other people’s opinions and aggression. That makes them avoid toxic individuals and would only stay with people who understand them and can emotionally relate to them.

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