What Does Your Body Shape Say About Your Personality?

Most of us know that our body shape has several factors, from the way we eat to the way our ancestors were build. Diet and exercise is a huge contributor. However, no matter how hard we work to change our fitness level, it seems that our body still has a shape that it prefers to resort back to.

As we get older, our hormones take on a different role in our shape. However, maybe the “shape” that your body naturally resorts to could tell us more about our personality.

We already know that our body tells us different things regarding our health and wellness. Perhaps we can learn more about our personality from our shape. What if there is a possibility that our shape can tell us about the type of person we will be attracted to?

With that being said, we can find all kinds of things out just by looking at a person’s body shape. Studies have said there is a direct relationship between our body shapes and our wellness, personality, and what we prefer. Now, take a glance and see how these calculations match your body shape.


If your figure is more on the slim side, it has something to tell you about your wellness. However, it also has something to say about your behavior type. Believe it or not, this could be a direct relation due to your height. Also, if you have an athletic body, this could be another factor.

If you are of a slim build, it is said that you are more likely to be introverted. However, around person is more likely to be outgoing. With that being said, a person of a slim build is usually more organized and has more self-discipline.

Likewise, a person of a slim build is more likely to be arrogant and self-centered. They like to be in control. This could be for a few different reasons. One reason could be because they have never had to deal with “extra pounds”. Another reason is because they usually want everyone around them to be happy.

Also, if you are a slim built person you usually have more energy and endurance than others. You typically enjoy doing physical things. You are also more likely to have a creative, artsy side. On the flip side, other people may see you as conceited.

Because a lot of people see a slim person and think they are automatically a youth, this may cause some issues with confidence. Make sure you hold yourself to a higher standard and do not settle.


Nowadays, it is typical to think the best standard for the female body is to be an hourglass shape. However, back in the day, the box/cubicle shape was once the ideal shape. This may be because an hourglass shape is rarer than a box shape. A box shape is the most common shape for a lady.

On the other hand, this has now caused bigger issues for women. It is hard for a box-shaped woman to force herself to have curves; Hence, the invention of a corset. This has caused box-shaped woman to harbor a lot of jealous feelings towards other body types.

Typically, a box/cubicle shape person also have very classic values to go along with their classic shape. The good part about this is that they tend to reflect their classic values onto others. The great news is that since this is the largest shape amongst society, that it is a large part of the “fish in the sea” available for dating.


This type of person tends to love food more than they love physical activity. This could be to do with family history, hormones, or any other medical issues, however, it is mostly due to food intake with no exercise.

This group of people are more likely to develop diabetes or heart disease. You need to pay attention to your weight if you are circle/ball shape. As long as you stay “in shape” you are less likely to have any health issues. This will help you live a healthy life.

A circle/ball shape usually has the highest level of confidence. They also tend to be more extroverted than other shapes. Their confidence also carries over into their romantic life in the bedroom. Because a circle shape is usually so outgoing, they like to have a significant other that is also confident. This will help keep the relationship open and have a lot of trust. This will lead to great s*x.


Most women do not want to be part of this group; however, a pear shape usually is very exciting, audacious, and outgoing person. You are the life of the party and everyone wants to be around you.
Usually, ladle types have a lot of friends and bring on a lot of attention. Therefore, you will always have people lined up to be your friend (or more). A lot of people may think you are a flirty person, even though that is just your personality. You are a confident person, who is also incredibly artistic. You do not care what other people think about you.

Females who have the pear shape are most likely to have health concerns, however. Endometriosis, cysts, and cancers are more likely to develop in a pear shape woman. Try to stay healthy.

Introverted Triangle

This shape is also considered to be a cone shape. This is because the shoulder area is usually wider than the base. You are definitely the minority when it comes to the shapes.

On the other hand, this is actually a great thing when it comes to your health. You can eat non-stop and anything you want, and you will probably not even gain a pound. This causes a lot of envy amongst your friends. However, it is best to skip the greasy pizza and eat more vegetables.

You are considered the chameleon of the shapes. You tend to act two different ways when it comes to private and public. You are not nearly as outgoing as the pear shapes of the world, but you are still wild and know how to have fun.


An hourglass shape tends to be the shape with the least amount of confidence, oddly enough. They tend to think too much about what others think, causing them to work hard to maintain their hourglass shape. They try to act, as if, they are super confident, but behind closed doors, they fall apart.

It is hard for an hourglass shape person to get and maintain a successful love life. They have incredibly high standards for themselves and a significant other. They also need to be reassured regularly that they are good enough.

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