What Does The Shape Of Your Breast Reveal About You

There is a straight connection between your disposition and your physical attributes such as the shape of your eye, the shape of your lips, and even the shape of your breasts. Believe it or not but these physical attributes largely help to determine your basic traits, disposition and the type of person you truly are. It also has a say in the determination of your behavior and patterns of action.

We would be discussing seven most familiar breast shapes and what these breast types have to do with your personality. Read on to understand yourself better.

1. The Lemon Shaped Breast

Shaped like a lemon, this breast type is small and symmetrical. If you have this breast shape, then you are a radical person. You don’t particularly mold yourself to the dictates of the society. You stand out from the rest of the society in the way you do things, in your behavior, and even in your thought processes. You prefer to do things in your way rather than follow the masses. You enjoy your introverted, quiet moments where you read books, think about life, listen to music, or even just plain have a cup of coffee or tea. It doesn’t matter what you do then; you appreciate quiet moments. One striking thing that people love about you is that you are very intelligent emotionally and this trait enables you to enjoy a well-balanced life.

2. The Papaya Shaped Breast-

Just like the way a papaya rests on a tree, this breast is long and shaped like a pendulum with the weight pressing downwards. If this is the shape of your breast, you possess an independent streak and a stubborn will which usually paves the way to success for you. You are a very determined person who is highly driven by goals which you work so hard to achieve. Your recurring successes in your endeavors serve to equip you with a feeling of control and serenity which aid you to achieve even your biggest goals. You also possess leadership tendencies with all the characteristics that come with it such as charisma, acute intelligence, and integrity.

3. The Apple Shaped Breast-

The apple shaped breast is small in size, slopes downward and has its nipples facing opposite sides. What this breast shape says about your personality is that you are an extrovert who loves adventures. This makes you a funny, attractive and impulsive person who people like. You possess a free spirit that lets you live by your own rules. You are also extremely suave and engaging, and people just love to be around you because of that. You also have an open mind which helps you accept progressions in the world. It is a good trait that will help you adjust easily to new things.

4. The Pear Shaped Breast

The pear-shaped breast has a triangular shape and big sized nipples which face downward. If this is your breast type, then you are a very sensual and self-sufficient person. This is a nice and very attractive combo, nothing like a woman who has confidence in spades and understands herself. And to make your personality even more amazing is the fact that you face life with a strong feeling of optimism which will draw people to you and one thing that lots of people would love and envy about you is your total understanding of yourself. Not many people have that, and it is a very attractive attribute.

5. The Cherry Shaped Breast

Just like the cherry, this breast type is perky and small, and it’s globes stay apart from each other. For the woman who has this perky breast, bravery, enthusiasm, and passion are some of the attributes you have in spades. You are never happier than when you are entertaining people, and this makes you wonderful hostess. You are quick witted and possess the ability to make quick decisions based on gut feeling, a trait that will be perfect if you work in a position of authority. All in all, you are a smart, fun and lovable person evidenced by how many friends you have.

6. The Melon Shaped Breast

Just like the name, this breast type is shaped like a melon. It is big, round in shape and has its nipples facing forward. If you have this breast type, then you might be able to finally understand why people open up to you about their problems and continually seek advice from you. You are a good listener, and other people have noticed it, hence the number of people coming to you for help. You possess a kind soul that would go the extra mile to help a friend, an admirable attribute indeed, one that will ensure you have loyal friends. You are also good at mediating issues, and reaching a satisfactory understanding for both parties and this would aid you a lot if you decided to be a diplomat. Most of all, people love to be around you because of your kindness and ability to quietly listen to people and give great advice

7. The Nectarine Shaped Breast

This breast shape is small in size with big nipples and has a pendant like shape. If your breast is shaped like a nectarine, you are alike in character with those who have the melon shaped breast. The only difference is that while those with the melon shaped breast are full of kindness and are good at listening, you are the nurturer. You have the gift of caregiving, and you enjoy taking care of people. Your best trait is your ability to care for other people. You are a peace loving person and absolutely detest anything that does not bring peace to you and people around you. A wonderful career choice for you would be nursing. As a nurse, you would reach your full potential in caregiving and would be able to touch many people’s lives.

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of your basic personality and the attributes that make it up. And if your breast shape seems like a combination of two, then your personality might be a merge of the two.

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