Todd Hoffman From ‘Gold Rush’ Sings ‘The Sound Of Silence,’ Covers Internet In Goosebumps

The Sound of Silence is a very popular song. First released in 1964 and sung by Simon and Garfunkel, this song hit the most wanted position on the National Charts the number one position on January 1, 1966. It has been covered by a lot of people ranging from YouTube sensations to celebrities. However, an amazing new cover of this song has got the internet on fire, and it came from the most surprising person.

This new cover was sung by Todd Hoffman, reality star of the television show, Gold Rush and professional gold miner. Apparently, Todd Hoffman is pretty good at singing if he could cover “The Sound of Silence” as it is a difficult song to perform because of how taxing it is to the vocal cords.

The original version by Simon and Garfunkel is intense and poignant, but Todd Hoffman’s version is just too wonderful for words.

Born in 1972, Todd Hoffman was a businessman who owned an airspace company which he rented out to private jets. However, during the financial crises in 2008, his business failed. Deciding to change the course of his life and considering the increase in the value of gold following the printing of extra money by the government, Todd gathered a group of unemployed people and set out for Alaska to mine gold and the successful television reality show, Gold Rush was conceived.

It came as a pleasant surprise to discover that this reality TV star, has an amazingly awesome voice that wonderfully fits a song like“the sound of silence.”

Todd Hoffman’s breathtaking performance of this song took the internet by storm mostly because his musical brilliance hit us from the blind side. No one was expecting this good of a performance from him. But he shocked us with his performance.

He uploaded a video of his performance onto his YouTube channel, and although the whole world pretty much thinks that his performance was the bomb, Todd has his reservations about it and said that he expected to be able to perform even better than this. He might have his reservations about it, but we surely do not have any, we think he did an excellent job.

While posting the video of his cover, he wrote,

“Here is a quick video Brian shot to go over my cover song. It’ was the hardest vocals so far. Feels like I’m progressing but a long way from where I would like to go. Enjoy.”

If he is this good without any professional training, just imagine how much better he would be if he did have professional lessons.

The song was performed with a wealth of emotion that can be felt in the pitch of his voice as he sings. He was able to manage the difficult high notes and coasted through the lower notes perfectly. If you haven’t watched his performance, then click below to do so. You would enjoy it as much as we did.

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