The Time Of Your Birth Says A Lot About Your Personality

Generation X and millennials are both two different generations that we all know and are familiar with. There are some glaring differences between the two generations, however, some people have noticed that being born between 1977 and 1985 they don’t feel the fit in to either category.

They feel that since their birth is between two generations with huge differences, that they don’t really belong in either. These people had to deal with the transition of a life of analog into a life that is digital. Every day this is something they have to face. They are halfway on Generation X and the other half is in the millennials. They do not feel happy or comfortable with this. They do not like it.

So, what do they want then?

They are calling themselves “Xennials” (a cross between Gen X and millennials). This term is actually taking on quite quickly.

The term was originally coined by Sarah Stankorb back in 2014 in an article “Reasonable People Disagree about the Post-Gen X, Pre-Millennial Generation,” found in magazine. In this article, she argues that she was born between the dark ages of the Gen X-ers and the bubbly, bright yellow optimist of the millennials.

Not everyone is agreeing with the characteristics that are being said to define a xennial. Some believe that the years not correct. One source states that it is more being born between 1977 and 1983.

Likewise, they are also debating over what years the millennial generation can be described as. One article settles with the idea that a millennial is born between 1982-2004. Another article says that is more likely that a millennial is born between 1977-1995. Then people after 1995, would be considered Generation Z.

If you get a chance to ask someone born in the 70s or 80s if they feel like they are a millennial, they will probably tell you no. However, they will probably tell you that they do not feel like a Generation X, either.

What are the definitions of a Xennial?

It remains debatable on the exact years a Xennial is born. However, the one defining moment that all Xennials can agree on is that they feel like they are stuck between the two generations. They have very different parenting styles that the two generations. They feel very different about politics than the two generations. Especially, they feel differently about relationships with technology than the other two generations.

Anyone born between these years did not grow up having internet accessibility. Cells phones did not exist. Millennials had both internet and cell phones, even internet in their cell phones. However, Xennials can tell you exactly when certain technologies came out.

However, xennials had to adapt to the new technologies that were readily becoming available. Even though xennials did not have social media when they were growing up, nowadays they are using social media, as if they had had it forever.

Millennials grew up during the War on Terrorism. Gen-Xers survived the Cold War. However, Xennials lived in a peaceful time between the two wars.

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