The Spookiest And Most Bizarre Urban Legends You Definitely Didn’t Know

What are Urban legends? The simple definition is that they are modern-day stories made up to explain certain inexplicable things. However, Wikipedia defines Urban legends as a ” form of modern folklore. It usually consists of fictional stories, often presented as true, with macabre or humorous elements, rooted in local popular culture. These legends can be used for entertainment purposes, as well as semi-serious explanations for random events such as disappearances and strange objects.”

These stories are usually propagated through stories and social media platforms. These modern day myths and legends are always so much fun to tell others especially at a camping ground and at night just because they cause people to be scared. What makes the urban legend so much scarier than horror stories is that nobody actually ever truly knows if this story was once a true occurrence before it’s doubt made it an urban legend or if it is just something that someone cooked up to make other people scared. No one might truly know where the legends come from, but they do know that it is always scary to listen to them so much so that even the most realistic and logical person would even be hooked by the urban legends.

Many of these Urban legends originated so many years ago but have been doctored, although some of them weren’t doctored so much, as time passed to fit in better with the civilization in place. Now many of them have stories that are more likely to happen in our time than the stories that probably were the original ones. An apt example of this is the urban legend that tells the story of a man who was waylaid and then made unconscious. Sometime later he woke up only to realize that his kidney had been collected for transplant.

Another change that is made to the urban legends are slight changes to perhaps the names of the characters and the names of places in the stories to suit each locality it is told in, and this is made in a bid to make the stories seem as true as possible.

Despite the fact that Urban legends are scary, it is still a favorite of the crowd because it has the qualities of a captivating legend and those qualities are mystery, fear, humor, and horror. The combination of the factors makes it even more bone-chilling than ever.

But why would people have fabricated these tales or even shared them with the world if it was in one lifetime a true story? For caution. People learn from the mistakes of others and sometimes fabricating a largely exaggerated story is the only thing that would deter children from doing things that they had been warned against.

It was imperative to the survival of the people that they did not go to some places and these stories were told to scare the very curious ones from doing something foolish. They worked of course. It saved a lot of people the sadness of losing their loved ones. The second reason is that these stories have the perfect mix of mystery, horror, fear and a bit of horror is a good reminder that the things that go bump in the night also go bump in the day too.

We have sieved through and collected about 9 of the scariest, most bone-chilling urban legends for you. Read them and enjoy.


It is only a time traveler from about 2000 years ago that would not recognize one of the most famous if not the most famous drink on earth. No country in the world does not know what a Coca-Cola drink is even if they haven’t tasted it before and most of them have had a Coca-Cola before in their lives. No one can tell for sure why but it is a crowd favorite. Perhaps for some people, it’s appeal lies in the initial sweetness that hits the tongue when you take that first sip, for others it could be in the fizziness or the belch that always comes after and for some others still, it could be the magical blend of both. The why does not matter anyway, what matters is that it is the highest selling brew in the entire country.

To add to Coca Cola’s publicity is the mysterious origin of this
Crowd favorite. There are a lot of stories that try to explain the Coca-Cola’s origins. Although there are many versions of the Coca-Cola’s true origin one of which was told in Brian Tracy’s, “No Excuses.” This version actually was about a man who sold the elusive recipe to a grocery owner who then proceeded to make money from it.

However, amongst all those explanations and attempts to gain the origin of the Coca-Cola, we would be talking about one of the stories that is very popular and also made it to the archives of Urban legends. That version is the one with coke.

Many people thought that the Coca-Cola was first being made with cocaine. In fact, they even gave it a new name, coke lore. But of course, no one really knows it.

Another of these urban legends about Coca-Cola is that it is made with so many chemicals that it can literally melt your enamel. You can carry out your own experiment on this fact. Try getting a tooth that has fallen out and put it into a cup that contains Coca-Cola then check to see if it has melted. Let us know what results you get. You and I both know that it isn’t true because if it were, we all would have no teeth now.

2. Alien Abduction

In Italy, the most well known urban legend is about the man who claims to have been abducted by aliens numerous times.

Fortunato Zanfretta claims to have been abducted by extraterrestrials in many occasions starting in 1978 and ending in 1981.

The memories he has of these encounters have been documented thoroughly with the help of hypnosis. His recollections are highly detailed and consistent. Skeptics known to be very steadfast are said to believe his stories.

His case is actually one of the most unexplainable in history. Nobody has been able to prove it false.


You might not have heard about this one. This particular Urban legend is jointly owned by two Asian countries, Japan and China. It is the story of a Samurai, his wife and the punishment for cheating. This Urban legend is also known as The Samurai woman and the slit mouth woman.

As the legend of this story goes, there was a very beautiful girl, in fact, she was the fairest of all the women in her area, and she married the Samurai, a man of bravery, hard work, and means to take care of her. As a Samurai, her husband was always traveling without her and doing his duties. But instead of taking care of the home that they have, the Samurai’s very beautiful wife set out to have a torrid affair with a very much younger man. One day, her husband retired and decided to come back home to his beautiful wife, but the welcome that he got was far from nice. He found out about his wife’s affair and in a fit of rage, used one of his swords to slash his wife’s face from ear to ear.

But that isn’t why this story is on the list of Urban legends. It is on the list of Urban legends because of what happens after. Local Chinese folklore has it that the estranged Samurais wife became a wanderer who posed a similar question to every person that she met. She would always ask them if she was still beautiful with her slit mouth? If the answer was positive, then the person got to leave alive, but if in a mood of honesty you said otherwise, she would kill the person.

Another version of the same folklore said that she wanders around in a mask and asking people if she was still beautiful. If she was told yes, she removed her mask and asked again and if the answer were negative, she would kill the unfortunate person and if the answer remained positive, then the person could go on with their lives.
Horrific right? So the next time someone asks you if they are pretty, you might want to say yes to avoid meeting your maker earlier than scheduled.


This next Urban legend originated from Australia, and it is scary, horrific and satisfying all in one. The story is about an Australian couple and how they were saved from being hurt by their dog.

An Australian couple went out for a night out leaving the dog in the house. The dog was a pet Doberman and while it was house sitting it got an unexpected visitor who was then given a taste what all unexpected visitors should get. Fast forward to many hours later, the Australian couple comes back home after a wonderful night out only to discover their Doberman at the brink of death from all the choking that he had been doing. Doing what any other reasonable person should do, the couple quickly got right back into their car this time with the Doberman, and they drove right to the vet. Once there, the veterinary doctor gives his diagnosis, choking. He tells the couple that he would have to operate on the dog to remove whatever had blocked his airway. The couple happy that their pet Doberman would live finally dragged their tired selves into their car headed for home, double hot showers, and a good night’s sleep. They had had enough excitement for that day, and we’re more than ready to start a new day, but we’re they in for a surprise and even more excitement.

By the time this tired couple finally dragged themselves into the sitting room, the house phone begins to ring wildly and never letting up. Feeling that the call was important, they answered only to hear the voice of a nearly hysterical vet shouting at them to get out of the house immediately because they were in danger. Not understanding what the vet was going on and on about, this couple finally asks when they get a chance to talk, and the vet lays the next bombshell on their feet. The dog had indeed been choking because something had blocked his airway. That something was the finger of a human being. The doctor urges them strongly to leave the house and call the proper authorities because based on the extent of the wound to the visitor; he most probably would still be at the house.

The couple had to get their not so tired bodies out of their house and called the police who on carrying out a thorough search in the house discovered that the intruder sure was still inside.

He was found in one of the bedrooms, unconscious and profusely bleeding from the wound created when the dog had bitten off his finger. Needless to say, he was carted away, and finally, the couple got to go to bed.

The next time you get the urge to break into someone’s house beware of unexpected house police. You just mind end up without a limb.


“Go to hell” has been one of our most common phrases whenever we lose our tempers with other people or got into an argument with them but until the time of this legend, no one really knew the way to hell, but all of that changed one day.

This particular Urban legend just might be the scariest of them all, and it originated from somewhere in Russia.

A couple of scientists and miners from Russia decided that they all had a common interest which was to discover more than what the earth wanted to be discovered. The legend had it that the scientists decided to study geology in order to know what made up the top crust of the earth. And to do that, they decided to drill a hole, one that would be deep enough to get to the bowels of the earth. You would want to brace yourself for this part.

The scientists kept digging this hole every day and then one day, it seemed as though they had gone through all the layers of earth and had hit rock bottom or in their own case, it felt like nothingness, a void.

But the scientists refused to just back out at this point. They made sure that they did everything humanly possible to find out about what was beyond the void. So, they got a device that can record things and then sent it down into the void and what they heard is enough to make you crap your pants.

They sent the recording device into the void and the next seventeen seconds of audio truly convinced them that they had opened up a portal to hell.

The recording was made up of 17 seconds which was filled with terrible, spine-chilling sounds of intense torture and suffering. The scientists that were present on that day all have things to say; it sounded like the devil was down there tormenting the hell out of the lost souls for doing things worthy of being down there while they were on earth.

The audio was said to only last 17 seconds because as they report after 17 seconds, the audio recording device was destroyed. But things were not over yet. Sometime later in the night, there arose a cloud of gas that finally formed a huge doubly horned entity. It also didn’t end there. Finally, it sends a Cyrillic message to them which accelerated their need to pack up and leave. It said, “I have conquered.”

A lot of people don’t believe this particular Urban legend, and I think that it is because of the presence of the supernatural here and the fact that most people don’t believe in hell but those who were there are very sure that they had opened up a portal to hell.


This is also one of the more well known Urban legends, and it usually is a lot more efficient when it’s told in an area that has a mental hospital or even prison close by.

Here’s how it goes. A young boy and girl were driving and then you know how they are mostly always horny? Great, these two were the same, and they wanted to stop at a hidden place and make out or even have sex. They start off by putting on the radio that would serve as a way to drown their groans while having sex but they hear something on the radio that shocks them. The deranged inmate of a mental institution not too far away had escaped, and he was currently believed to be extremely dangerous, and he could be known by the hook that replaces one of his hands. The news has dampened the young girl’s vibe, and now she feels afraid instead of horny, and so she begs the guy to take her home, she isn’t comfortable anymore, so she did not want to stay. After all the mood had already been spoiled. The boy wanted to stay, but the girl overrode his wishes, and they left.

When he had reached her house, she stepped out of his car and turned to say goodbye when she gets the shock of her life. She stood paralyzed before she began to scream. In the handle of the driver’s door was a bloody hook.

There are other versions of this particular Urban legend, but it also follows the main idea.


No one in this world doesn’t at least know who Walt Disney is because he is the reason we enjoy so many beautiful movies. One of the most important things we remember Walt Disney for is his first and most loved characters, the ones who catapulted him into fame and made us love him, Mikey Mouse. We also have another reason to thank Walt Disney for and that is for the home of fun and fantasy that he built, Disney World.

There can be no story about modern life and culture without a chapter or two dedicated to Walt Disney because he has contributed so much. It is close to impossible to imagine a world that does not have the Mikey and Minnie Mouse duo in it or horror of horrors, a world where there is nothing like the Disney World, and there are no super epic visits to the Disney world for a cruise? I wonder if there would have been true happiness. Walt Disney has been a very important part of everybody’s life.

There is an urban legend that stars our dead hero, Walt Disney. According to the legend, after Walt Disney died, he was not buried but cryogenically frozen to ensure that he would be able to come back to life one day and produce even more delight for us. This legend though has been decried very much especially by his daughter, who staunchly said that her father was cremated after his death in the 1960’s. Most people believe that he was cryogenically frozen because around the time that he died, was when cryogenic freezing became a thing.


This Urban legend is a well known one, and it also has the added advantage of being one of the pioneer Urban legends in the United States. This Urban legend is about the existence of gators in the sewers of New York.

What does the legend say? Apparently, a couple though that alligators were pretty cute and cool and that they wanted to have pet alligators. One day, they got their wish, they were the new proud owners of two baby alligators. At first, it was so much fun to finally have their cute pets right where they have always wanted them to be which is right in their house, living with them. But they grew out of the cute stage really quick when the alligators began to chew on everything chewable in the couples home. They were worse than cats. When it got too much for this couple to handle, they decided that they did not want any pet alligators and they did not have time to house them until someone else wanted to buy them, so they chose the easiest means. They flushed the little gators down the toilet.

The story goes that there were pet owners who wanted alligators until the babies chewed on everything they could find. Upon this discovery, they flushed them down the toilet to get rid of them. But the alligators did not die. Instead, they just simply changed habitat. Alligators are very resilient animals that can survive in practically anywhere they find themselves, and that is what this pair of alligators did. They owned the sewer and began to live there. They lost their color due to the lack of exposure to sunlight, and they fed on trash and the occasional rats that also stay in the sewer. Once in a while when the day is truly good to them, they get to eat or two chunks of human meat.

This particular Urban legend was believed to have originated from the south where their abundance of swamps means that there are a lot of alligators.

Alligators do sometimes find their way into that sewer, and it is not because someone flushed them down the drain, it is because they just walked in.

But calm down, it’s just an urban legend right. Half truth, the full truth, no facts to back up their claims that they had had gators before.


Most times when people decide to donate their organs for other people to use, it is usually with their knowledge, but I guess for some people it isn’t like that always.

Organ donation became a thing not quite too long ago, and at first, when people began signing up for the organ donation, they hardly ever put in their driver’s license for obvious reasons. Most of them were afraid that if a doctor knew that they were organ donors, then they would not try so hard to save their lives so that the organs would be available for people who need them. It was obviously just another Urban myth because a doctor’s first duty is to save the life of his patient.

For as far back as you can remember, I am sure that you can always pinpoint the beware of strangers litany that was sung to us from childhood. Don’t stop to talk to a stranger. If a stranger is coming towards you, you quickly run into a place that is well populated and make sure that you report them to the adult that you came with. We heard all of this as children, and then we obeyed it like it was the gospel but as we grew older we began to dispel that caution, and some of us went to bars specifically to meet a stranger. This Urban legend tells the story of one man who learned the hard way that he should be wary of strangers when an encounter with a stranger left him one kidney less.

According to the Urban legend, one man who was a traveling salesman stopped by at a nice bar one evening, and while he is having a drink or two, he meets a stranger. Most salesmen have very positive attitudes and affable personalities and thanks to him, he and the stranger hit it off pretty quickly, and before long they were swapping life stories and generally talking and laughing like old friends. They hit it off so fast that the stranger decided to buy all the drinks for them as long as they stay. The night kept progressing hour by hour as both men kept talking and having fun. Having fun was the last thing that the salesman remembered before he woke up immersed in a tub filled with ice in a sleazy motel with a card in his hands in which instructions had been given to him to call the police.

The poor salesman calls the police who in turn call an ambulance because the salesman reports to having been cut and from the sounds of it, he had no idea why. After his statement has been collected and he had been given health care, he is told that his kidney had been stolen and would be sold on the black market for a tidy sum.

This particular Urban legend is very much believed because the truth is that there are many people whose kidneys are being sold in the black market and what happened to the salesman could very well happen to anyone else.

The truth is that stealing of body parts and organs isn’t really something that happens in the United States because no hospital or doctor of repute would ever transplant an organ gotten from the black market into one of their patients. But in some parts of the world such as India, Malaysia, and Brazil, people are routinely being picked up in the streets, and then their kidneys or even other organs harvested without their knowledge and sold on the black market making a whole lot of money.

These are just a couple of the scariest Urban legends that abound and more keep coming out every year. Some of them were really scary. Let us know in the comment box which legend scared you the most and which one you intend to tell your friends.

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