The First Animal You See Will Determine Your Real Personality

A person’s personality is made up of a lot of different traits which when put together to form the personality that everyone knows. This combination of traits creates a person’s true personality. But in the midst of all these traits is one trait that controls the entire personality. A lot like the powerhouse of the personality controlling all other characteristics. This particular trait is in charge of the entire behavior of any individual.

This chief trait does not just control your entire personality; it also controls your reaction to any stimuli or situation. So, your personality determines the way you see certain things in your mind. It’s a mind trick played on you by your mind.

In this article, we will be giving an example of a situation where your mind plays a trick on you and how it works. So, depending on your personality, your mind tricks you into seeing certain things. The picture above contains different animals, but your mind determines what animal you will see first. Take a look now and find out what animal your mind sees first and Read below to know what it says about your personality.

#1 Stallion

If you saw the stallion first, then it means that you possess the strength of the stallion. You are also a very ambitious person who won’t take no for an answer. You have the intrinsic characteristics of a stallion, wildness, freedom and raw power. You never balk from a challenge and your drive to succeed and be free is a force to be reckoned with. Your bravery and ability to work hard sets you apart from others. You are the type of friend that people want to have because of your unwavering honesty, wonderful character, and loyalty. You are ever ready to work hard and you hardly ever turn down a fight. Another enviable quality about you is your awareness of yourself. You are so in touch with yourself, and that gives you a lot of self-confidence.

#2 A Rooster

If you saw the rooster first, then it means that the controlling trait of your personality is perseverance. You might be deceptively small just like the rooster but in that small package is a lot of persistence, smartness, and ferocity. You are very quick to act just like the rooster, and even though people think that you are a very quiet and harmless person, you are ready to fight to protect yourself and the ones you care about.

#3 Crab

Although the crab has a tough exterior, it possesses a very soft interior, and that is how you are if the crab was the first animal that you saw. People might peg you as a person with a prickly personality, but your close friends know that you are a teddy bear underneath all that tough exterior. You share the trait of loyalty with the crab. Your friends and family can attest to that, and when you take a good look at yourself, you’ll see that loyalty too. Because of this loyalty, you never have and would never stab your friends in the back. You are very selfless, and you know this because you always find yourself putting the needs of your friends and family before your own.

#4 Praying Mantis

The praying mantis is a fascinating animal because of its smartness and patience. It’s ability to be patient while stalking its prey marks it out as a superb hunter. The praying mantis also exhibits a lot of perseverance in its hunting habits, it can patiently stalk it’s prey for hours on end before pouncing on it, and if you saw the praying mantis first, then it means that you possess it’s instinctual hunting skills. You have very strong instincts just like the praying mantis, and that would help you in your pursuit of success. Seeing the praying mantis first also shows that you listen to and obey your inner guide. You can hardly ever fail when you go by your gut feeling and you are also a fighter much like the praying mantis.

#5 Wolf

If the wolf is the first animal that you saw, then you are a warrior. The wolf is one of the greatest animal warriors. Although they can hunt alone, they prefer to move in a pack, needing the closeness of their kind. They have also been known to stay on their own and stay in the wild alone. They are strong, fierce and fearless. You are the epitome of the wolf in character. This means that although you love to stay alone, you also need and enjoy the presence of your friends and family. Underneath all your civility, you are a warrior, and when the situation calls for it, that side of you shines through.

#6 Dog

The dog is man’s best friend for a reason. They are very loyal to their owners, protective of their charges and brave. If you saw the dog first, then you share the same personalities with it. You are very loyal to your friends and family and would fight for them. The special characteristics of the dog are rare to find in a person and so are you. You are fierce when your family is in danger and protective of the ones you care about. People that come in contact with you always leave feeling better than before.

#7 Eagle

The eagle is a strong animal that soars high above the other flying animals. The eagle is wild, plays by its own rules and is a strong predator of nature. If you saw the eagle first, then you share the same characteristics of strength and focus with the eagle. You are a good hunter by nature, and when you lock onto what you want, you pursue it with a single-mindedness that is characteristic of the eagle.

#8 Butterfly

The butterfly symbolizes beauty and is the best example of change. The transformation of the caterpillar to the butterfly from the cocoon is one of the most beautiful and fascinating changes to occur in nature. If you saw the butterfly first, then you have the traits of beauty in you. You are as strong, flexible and adaptable to change just like the butterfly is. You are not afraid to embrace changes in your personal life and your career, in fact, you like change so much that you are uncomfortable with constant. Things might not be good for you for a period in your life but don’t be depressed, that is you going through another cocoon stage, and after that, you’ll emerge as a butterfly, beautiful and stronger than before.

#9 Dove

The dove is one of the calmest animals. It exudes so much peace and symbolizes love and care. If the dove was the first animal you saw, then you most definitely possess the wisdom of an old soul. Your are a warm person who is always patient, loving, kind and calm. You always spread happiness and sunshine into the life of the people you meet.

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