Did You Know That The Date Of Your Birth Can Dictate The Path Of Your Career?

There is a saying that the day you’re born can predict the talents and qualities you’re born with, according to the theory of numerology.
Check your ”day number” and see if the abilities and professions indicated fit you.

If the first day is your day of birth:
You are born leaders, you enjoy being in the center of attention and you would make great: veterinarians, ministers, psychologists, artists, dentists, directors, politicians, sportspeople, team leaders, fashion designer, doctors, chiropractors, lawyers, writers, inventors, businessmen, architect, music composers, actors, performers, designers, architects, composers, teachers.

If the second day is your day of birth:
You are the kind of person who is able to communicate on an emotional level with others and you would make a great: psychologist, diplomat, healer, accountant, banker, radio personality, IT technician, dancer, hostess, designer, secretary, or artist.

If the third day is your day of birth:
You are very creative and communicative which means you would make great: writer, musician, salespeople, communicators, broadcasters, singer, actor, lecturers, composers, philosopher, architects, dancer, motivators, coaches, hairdressers, entertainers, comedian, counselors, and excellent writers.

If the fourth day is your day of birth:
You are hard-working with lot of energy and you make great: gardener, designer, builder, business owners, developers, lawyer, administrators, real estate agent, computer analyst, body-worker, earth scientist, engineer, geologist, minister, programmer, office worker, farmer, shop owner, research chemist, builder, and mechanic.

If the fifth day is your day of birth:
You have a curious mind and you are good communicators which means you would make great: advertiser, developer, reporter, philosopher, lecturer, salesperson, performer, social anthropologists, archaeologists, agent, celebrity agent as well as travel agent, social anthropologists, archaeologists, scientists, teachers, writers and historians, computer expert, public figure, speculator, designer, detective and some jobs that is are combination of travel and technology.

If the sixth day is your day of birth:
You are a compassionate and loving soul. You are great: consultants, councilors, ministers, philosophers, artists, caregivers, body workers, masseur, naturopaths, parents, educators, health, coach, cook, advisors, writers, consultants, and nurses.

If the seventh day is your day of birth:
You like precision and you have high standards, which makes you great: occultist, healer, writer, actor, comedian, chemist, analyst, detective, antiques, archaeology, art, scientist, researcher, investigative work, professor, consultant, minister, astrologer, and analyst.

If the eighth day is your day of birth:
You are good with any business and you are good at handling money. You would be great: business owner, financial analyst, publisher, engineer, judge, banker, contractor, and builder.

If the ninth day is your day of birth:
You have an independent nature that makes you great: bodyworker, holistic health worker, composer, teacher, scientist, actor, community leader, counselor, minister, reverend, metaphysician, counselors, spiritual advisor, crafts-person, painter, architect, diplomat, healer, designer, social worker.

If the tenth day is your day of birth:
You are born leaders that make a great: CEO, supervisor, consultant, surgeon, quality inspector, manager, doctor, executive.

If the eleventh day is your day of birth:
You understand the desires of the others and you would make great: psychologists, ministers, occultists, psychic, designers, spiritualists, media personalities, teachers, counselors, poets, inventors.

If the twelfth day is your day of birth:
You are very good mediators and you are perfect for salesperson, diplomats, mediators, consultants, handymen, project managers.

If the thirteenth day is your day of birth:
You have charisma and great leadership qualities that make you great: builders, mechanics, screenwriting, craftspeople, construction workers, architects, designs, and hobbyists.

If the fourteenth day is your day of birth:
You are innovative and single-minded. This makes you great: travel agents, organizers, designers, contractors, artists, personal assistants, secretaries, managers.

If the fifteenth day is your day of birth:
You are loving and diplomatic. This means you would make great: teacher, healer, social workers, diplomat, banker, and translator.

If the sixteenth day is your day of birth:
You are thoughtful and idealistic. You would make excellent: comedians, shipping, fishing, primary food industry, writing, actors.

If the seventeenth day is your day of birth:
You are intelligent and entrepreneurial. This makes you perfect for psychiatrists, politicians, lecturers, professors, business owners, teachers, actors, and counselors.

If the eighteenth day is your day of birth:
You are able to learn quickly and you are excellent students. This makes you great for construction, design, teachers, lecturers, veterinarian, nurses, doctors, volunteer workers, project planning, and management.

If the nineteenth day is your day of birth:
You are independent, stubborn and also very sensitive. All of this makes you great for business owner, planners, leaders, supervisors, organizers, IT experts.

If the twentieth day is your day of birth:
You are home-makers, which means you are great for: public relations, nurses, artists, cleaners, caregivers, interior decorators, social workers and community service workers.

If the twenty-first day is your day of birth:
You are very speculated and organized. This makes you great: mediators, publishers, agents, writers, organizers, supervisors, bankers, financial advisors, secretaries, personal assistants, negotiators.

If the twenty-second day is your day of birth:
You are an intuitive and you also love science. You would make great: caregivers, architects, designers, inventors, counselors, doctors, nurses.

If the twenty-third day is your day of birth:
You are problem solvers with analytical skills, which is perfect: politician, negotiators, tax agents, judges, accountants, mediators, diplomats, and any other job that involves communication.

If the twenty-fourth day is your day of birth:
You are a caring, compassionate and intuitive. You also have great business sense and that makes you great for: therapists, alternative medicine practitioners, natural healers, artists, mediators, counselors, psychologists, lawyers.

If the twenty-fifth day is your day of birth:
You are a spiritual people that have a great mind. You would be great for: advisers, counselors, investigators, scientists, researchers, healers.

If the twenty-sixth day is your day of birth:
You are very organized and very hard-working. This makes you ideal: managers, politicians, healing careers, supervisors, property moguls, and business leaders also you are good entrepreneurs.

If the twenty-seventh day is your day of birth:
You are an eccentric and very intelligent. You would make great veterinarians, doctors, telecommunications experts, scientists, teachers, mentors and you also make a good humanitarian worker.

If the twenty-eighth day is your day of birth:
You are an expressive and creative people. This means you are great for: travel agents, broadcasters, debaters, salespeople you are also good at dealing with animals.

If the twenty-ninth day is your day of birth:
You are complicated and often misunderstood. This makes you ideal for: physical trainers, consultants, caregivers, physiotherapists, psychics, doctors, nurses.

If the thirtieth day is your day of birth:
You need freedom to succeed in your career. This makes you perfect for: radio broadcaster, inventors, gardeners, landscapers, presenters, athletes, decorators, writers, cooks.

If the thirty-first day is your day of birth:
You are a very precise and you don’t have a problem with concentration. You would make great: supervisors, teachers, researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs, leaders, managers and you are good with jobs that involve working with your hands.

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