Dad Pulls A Kidnap Prank On The Babysitter Who Fell A Sleep On The Job

How well do you actually trust your baby sitter? For the first time, parents leaving your kid alone with someone can be rather unnerving even more so if it is will a stranger.

A father who goes by the name of Christopher is believed to be from the USA. He came home early morning one day because he forgot some paperwork that he needs. When he walked into his house, he noticed that the babysitter was passed out on the couch. He quickly discovered that Sarah(Babysitter) was not paying any attention to her surroundings nor his little ones

While he was at home, he got very angry and decided to take all of his kids while Sarah was sleeping. He also took a few photos of her sleeping to later use it as evidence then Christopher left.

Around 2 or so hours later Sarah finally came around and woke up only to discover that Christopher’s child is nowhere to be found. She began to frantically text him to let him know something has gone wrong.

Christopher received several phones calls and text messages(Maybe intently ignoring a few of them) from the babysitter

Chris finally responded with “What’s Up? Hello? Why you blowing me up?”

Sarah stated telling Chris to “call me now” however, he played it along and started to claim that he couldn’t due to having weak cell phone service.

See their text exchange below

Chris continued on for a little while pretending to be angry, to teach the babysitter a lesson. He even sent a message stating “Where are my fucking kids Sarah?” her lacking response was “If I knew I wouldn’t be blowing up your phone!!”

After a short amount of time and almost giving the babysitter a heart attack, Chris finally came clean in a serious of different messages saying “I took my fucking kids at 10. Get out of my fucking house! I may be pressing charges on your for neglecting my fucking kids”

He also stated that he was on his way to the police station and that she was most definitely fired.

As the conversation surfaced on social media, it began to cause a stir with people. Some agreeing that Chris was completely in the right and encouraging what he did. While others were siding with Sarah and stating that Chris was excessively harsh on the young baby sitter.

Heidi Edwards wrote on Facebook: “Omg! Talk about major over-reaction. I was only a 16-year-old kid when I used to babysit but I often fell asleep on the sofa when parents didn’t come home until 2 or 3am… It’s not a crime to nod off! If the kids are asleep in bed.”

“Stupid. When he saw her sleeping he should have fired her on the spot and moved on,” added another.

While a third wrote: “It’s called child endangerment and neglect… she was not babysitting kids who were in bed for the night, she was already passed out at 10am and it took her house to know they weren’t even there.”

Let us know in the comments. Do you think Chris went overboard or do you think Sarah deserved what she got?

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