Can You Correctly Guess The Glass That Gets Filled First.

Solving a logic puzzle isn’t always a mind game. This is because your brain could play tricks on you. What looks real isn’t always what is real.

This is why you have to keenly observe situations and exhaust all possible outcomes before making decisions.

Take this picture test for an example, this isn’t a challenge that makes you use your wit, observation, and imagination to solve it. You have to be really focused to do this well. Wish you best of luck.

Now, let’s assume that you are at a meet-up with your buddies, having a great time. And then all of a sudden, one of your mischievous friends decide to play a trick on you. So he/she proceeds to connect some glasses to a tap, using a series of tubes. Once the apparatus is fixed, he/she proceeds to ask you this question.

“When I turn the tap on, which of these glasses will fill up first?”

Now, you have to examine the picture below, to have a feel of what this set up looks like. See if you can arrive at the right answer. Remember that a knack for concentration and wit, combined with a keen eye for details, will give a far better shot at the right answer.

What do you think? Have you gotten an answer? If you have, only then can you scroll down for the correct answer.

Now, before you quickly scroll down, remember what was said at the beginning of this article. Often times our minds become our enemies when we are trying to solve mind puzzles. I mean, that is the purpose of mind games right? They are there to get your mind to cause red herrings. So take your time to review the puzzle and your answer. Don’t forget to scrutinize your thought process too.

Well, if you have done your homework, then we can get to the answer right now. The glass cup to get filled first is cup number 6. Did you get the answer right? Congratulations! But if you got it wrong, well don’t beat yourself up for it. Not many people hit the jackpot on their first try.

Now let’s get to the working. Take a good look at the glasses. I mean, a very good look. Do you see anything different? Do you notice that not all tubes are open? Wow! I guess that blew your mind! Now, with this new discovery, the whole game changes. You can now see why glass cup number six gets the liquid to its brim before any other cup. And some cups will forever remain empty and thirsty.

This mind puzzle is not only mind stimulating, but also a life lesson. It teaches us that the little things matter. The devil is always in the details. When it comes to the things of life, the very little of them can have a great impact on the direction your life could take. If you judiciously execute on the smallest of things, you will find out that those small win cumulate into gigantic victories. Ray Lewis, one of the greatest football players said the greatness lies in doing the small things well. There is nothing like an overnight success. Just like glass cup 6 was once empty. So is everyone at birth – biologically or figuratively. When anyone starts something new, they would usually suck at it. But with conscious and consistent effort towards getting better at that thing, they grow. Just like glass cup 6, with every passing second, it took in liquid and more liquid and even more liquid. Now, just imagine that that glass cup was opaque or translucent. That means that you wouldn’t know the exact level of liquid that was in the said cup. Now, also imagine that you just stepped into the room to see this tap pouring a liquid into this apparatus. And two seconds after you close the door, the liquid in glass cup 6 starts to overflow. It would be silly to say that the cup was special and that was why that cup got filled in less than 2 secs. Especially if all cups were of the same size. Instead, you would say that glass cup 6, had been filled with more liquid than the other glass cups (assuming that other glass cups were being filled with liquid in equal time). And even if that wasn’t the case and liquid was poured into all glass cups at the same rate and in equal time, then you would assume that some liquid was already presence in glass cup 6. And so is life, the successes you see are the peaks of huge amounts of time, effort, failures and sacrifice. Which often hidden to you.

I will give you, two of my most loved quotes. I hope you glean wisdom from what they say. I hope you also have a nice day as you put such pearls to action.

“What you see and what you hear depends a great deal on where you are standing. It also depends on what sort of person you are.” -C.S. Lewis

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” -Wayne W. Dyer

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