An Abandoned Flintstone Inspired Park That Brings Back Nostalgic Memories.

A caricature of the widely adored honeymooners was definitely a little off to me. Add some really weird laughter to the mix and I pretty much lost significant interest in such a cartoon – relegating it to the bottom of a list of things that grabbed my attention and fed my fascination as a child. Unfortunately, The Flintstones occupied such an unlucky position in my infant mind.

But it was lucky enough to remain in the background while I had a swell time playing with my action hero toys. With this scenario in repeat so many times, I got to know so much about the TV show (its world and characters) that I would remember it with some form of nostalgia whenever I randomly saw its characters. Maybe, it was the fact that I had somehow managed to associate the show I hated so much as a child to the fond memories I had playing with my toys.

Who knows…

Anyway, it was one of those days when I got to see photos related to The Flintstones on social media. It was a breathtaking picture series of a park in Bedrock city dedicated to bringing The flintstone franchise to real life.

A picture of this amazing park – taken at night, surfaced on a Facebook page called the forgotten Places Photography. They are an organization that captures the beauty of abandoned and isolated places. Such scenery is observed and captured through the lenses of their cameras and are displayed as pictures for the public to appreciate.

This amazing place can be seen just around the Grand Canyon, Williams, and Arizona areas. Open all year round except for Christmas, Bedrock City Now serves as a tourist location for travelers and others of similar interest.

When you walk into this park, you will be amazed. The scenery is surreal. It looks like you were teleported into the TV show – you know, bright looking houses that look like they were sculpted out of stone and the lot.

You could step into an amazing home which of course is the abode of Fred and Wilma. And by the way, I doubt you will meet dinosaurs that serve as appliances. But you will be able to meet the Rubbles who live next door.

In 1972, Bedrock City officially opened its gates to its fans. But as a result of so many issues including a not so favorable location, it had to shut down and let its staff go.

In its hay days, workers would go about their business in character inspired dresses and costumes. In this park, it was all about funfair, food, and happiness.

But like the dinosaur, they all are in a similar situation. There lies only some old and abandoned sculptures and similar structures in the area.

By the way, if you would fancy a ride around the whole area then the Fredmobile Tram is at your service. It will take you all around the whole location.

And also you can have fun with the Brontosaurus Slide, and pretend like you are Fred leaving the house for the day’s work. Isn’t that just amazing?

Look, you may not be a fan of the flintstone but if you have an interest in seeing sites across the US, then you would love to check out this place.

Believe me.

One family took it upon themselves to make a comprehensive video footage of this amazing place. This, now gives whoever is fascinated enough to want to go see it – but struggles with mobility to do so, the chance to lay back and explore this wonderful place through the camera lenses of this great family.

Would you give such a potentially amazing trip a try?

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