A 23 Year Old Is Shocked At What Happens When She Let Her GPS Take The Lead.

The Toronto Sun reports that as a 23 year plowed through the thick fog of this particular night, what befell her was a harsh consequence of trusting in her GPS.

This was one night where the heavens conspired to present miserable weather conditions – the fog, the rains etc. This she lost her way as she went by Little Tub Harbor to no fault of hers as anyone would have been misled by such terrible weather.

Strictly and sheepishly following her GPS pointer she drove straight into a nearby water body… Lake Huron.

Fortunately for her, she somehow made it out the window of her automobile. Along with some of her belongings – she got out of her car, she swam for the shore’s safety.

She must have thanked her lucky stars as her car was recovered from the lake after she had already escaped from drowning. After a medical check, she was found to not have sustained any internal injuries as well.

This story packs a bunch of lessons but one really stands out: it is important to have a plan. In this case, the woman would have fared better if she had prepared well for the journey. She should have known the directions to her destination.

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