9 Real Life Struggles Of The Girl With Resting Bitch Face

The struggle is real. No one believes that you are okay. All you get is worried and concerned faces. Everyone thinks you’re always moody.

Don’t get discouraged, the is a phenomenon a lot of girls experience. And to be frank, it’s not even that big of an issue. Let it not unsettle you. Now, let’s get into some of these issues.

1. Everyone – including friends and family always worry that you are having a terrible day.

But with time, they would have to get used to your grumpy face. They will come to understand that in your case – which is definitely peculiar, your feelings say one thing while your face relays another.

2. You have to always explain to people that you are OKAY.

You always feel like you have to write a press release every day to state that you aren’t suicidal. This can be very hard on you and actually bring about a moody day. Then freaking out will just strengthen their flawed assumptions of you.

3. Making friends can really be tough because you look like a snob.

Little do they know you’re this approachable adorable person. And this is something that anyone – with courage to approach you, will discover. You could also ease your plight by smiling a little more often. Believe me, it goes a long way.

4. You look grumpy most of the time.

Although family and friends kinda get it, the outside world continues to wonder. You always look like you are dissatisfied and annoyed. Even on the very best of days, only you would truly know. Everyone else thinks that that’s just a miserable day in a chain of miserable days for you.

5. Everyone assumes you’re this condescending person who loves to take the moral high ground.

God! Could it get any worse than this? Not only are you this grumpy cat, but you a snob who thinks she is better than everyone. Now you have to go way and beyond to prove your innocence. Life is not fair.

6. You don’t get to get mad because your angry factoid terrifying.

When you’re really upset, it will be even more obvious that you’re about to lose your cool. When people “think? it’s your actual bitch face it’s even more confusing.

On top of that, you have to really control your emotions. Your face turns fiery and furious when you actually get mad. And then everyone is on the run from that facial tsunami.

7. Your heart pricks every time you find out one of your friends thought you were a total jerk before they interacted with you.

Now you will have to go about with the anxiety that everyone – including strange already think that way about you.

8. You have to go out of your way to convince people that you are not this dull and uninteresting person.

Aurrrgh! It sucks, it really suuuccks. How could you spend a significant amount of your life having to convince people you are not a weird person. And if you do not do this you end up losing out on relationships you really cherish.

9. You get depressed from trying to impress the crowd.

Your cheek muscles get tired of your constant smile. You begin to feel miserable and defeated.

Why can’t people accept you for who you are? It is not as if you are this terrible one-eyed monster right? Except your face says otherwise.

Look, people will love you while some others will hate you and a lot will be indifferent. You have to learn to love and accept you for who you are.

And by the way, you will share quality relationships with your friends. This is because they are probably the only ones who took the courage to approach you and will therefore accept you for who you are.

Bitch face or not, you are an amazing and unique human being. Bask in this truth.

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