5 Instagram Stars Who Were Proven To Be Total FAKES

Fame is something that almost everyone wants to have irrespective of age. It is one of our fondest dreams ever to be famous, known and applauded where ever you are. To know that thousands of people all over the world not just like your music or whatever things you are known for, they like you not just for the parts of your life and personality that they get to see. Another thing that they also like about fame is the money and open doors that comes with it.

There are many ways to become famous and wealthy. One of them is becoming a movie star; another more preferred one is becoming a musician or a dancer. Other people attain fame just from being in the wrong place at the right time.

But these days it is so much easier than giving a wonderful performance on The X Factor or winning America’s Got Talent. Social media has been one of the easy avenues that has made a person famous, and that is why we have terms like Facebook celebrities and Instagram celebrities. These are people who have a lot of followers on Social Media. Sometimes though people climb to fame on fake laurels and fake stories that don’t tell us the entire truth a bit like the boy who was crying about being bullied without saying that he had said nasty things to the people who had eventually bullied him.

Another social media page that can shoot a person into stardom is Instagram. Ever heard that it isn’t official until it is Instagram official? There are a lot of people who have risen to a state of stardom on Instagram as a result of the beautiful and exceptional pictures and videos they share. Some of them have become famous because of the photo, and video evidence of their journey to lose weight and some others have become famous simply because of the candid photos and videos of themselves that they post. But, there would always be crooks, and there are many on Instagram. These fake celebrities have coasted to stardom on entirely incorrect facts. Here are 5 such people who have a fake celebrity status on Instagram.


Mediakix, a big marketing agency that had a lot of highly placed clients such as Nordstrom, HauteLook, and Hallmark opened up two new Instagram accounts in 2017. The two accounts that were opened were both fake and yet sometime in the spring and summer, these fake accounts both got a lot of endorsement deals which came up to about $500. Turns out that opening up those Instagram accounts was a social experiment geared towards teaching people that anybody no matter who you are given that you know what to do and a lot of balls to carry it out, can fake it on Instagram and other social media platforms and even make it through endorsement deals and contracts with high profile brands. Both Instagram accounts had about 80K followers between them.

The first account was done with the photos of a woman, Alexa Rae whose handle was calibeachgirl310. In the photos posted on that account, Alexa was made out to be a young model, and the personality that she adopted was one about lifestyle and fashion. However, all the pictures posted on her Instagram page were the results of a photo shoot that was done on just one day.

The second account was done with another fictional name and personality, Amanda Smith. Her Instagram handle was wanderinggirl, and her page was all about travel blogging. She allegedly took a lot of pictures in different parts of the world with blonde women who never faced the camera but turns out that all the pictures were free to stock photos. But the profiles still got a lot of people, and Instagram deceived. So, I guess you too can be a social media celebrity star if you have the means to buy an account or to buy likes and comments.


The world is obsessed with staying forever young, and no one least of all those that are older wants to be seen as older. People do a lot of things including plastic surgery and bottom treatments to keep their faces young. Hitting the big 30 is a landmark in life that brings home the fact that you are getting old. After becoming 30, everyone behind to get self-conscious about their looks especially the ladies. Being a social media celebrity would be a lot easier to carry out when you are young preferably younger than 30.

However, someone did the opposite, and it paid off. Being an Instagram star based on a healthy lifestyle is something that everyone is doing, and it can be hard to break into a saturated field and make it to the top. Most people join this field and just stay mediocre. Pawel Ladziack, a 35-year-old man from Poland, did the unthinkable. He entered the lifestyle field and blew to the top almost immediately, but he did it with a twist. Using the handle, the “Polish Viking,” Pawel rose to stardom on Instagram by doing things differently. Pawel made himself look older than his age. Posing as an older man, Pawel posted pictures on Instagram of his insanely good body and healthy lifestyle. However that was a dime a dozen, and it was not sufficient to make him a star, but something else was.

To make sure that he stood out from all the other fitness models on Instagram, Pawel made himself look older by dying his hair and beard white. This was easy to do because he had already started having gray hair at his temples before he decided to dye it white.

This ingenuity on his part was the fuel that took him to stardom on Instagram. The elderly man look garnered a lot of attention from people who had never even known of Pawel’s existence on Instagram before. Everyone was just intrigued by the older man with the nice body, and now he has about 300K followers.


Travel blogging has become one of the most profitable sources of income on the internet and those who are at the top earn as much as 200 dollars for every single post they make. Many travel companies and hotels patronize them to spread publicity about their services. They have become essential to the very successful travel and hospitality industry in the world.

What makes travel bloggers a lot more authentic and successful is the extra that they put into their work. They have to travel to the places that they talk about and take pictures of themselves in those places. Pictures that are real, not photoshopped. Well, one such travel blogger did not follow these rules, and she was discovered and challenged over the photoshopped pictures in the summer of 2017. Amelia Liana should have doctored her posts well and made sure that they were up to date. After calling her out, a lot of people began to pay attention to her pictures only to discover something shocking.

Amelia had altered most of her pictures, and she hadn’t bothered to make sure that the background picture that she used was up to date and she was cut. For instance, there was this one time that she posted a picture of herself standing on top of the Rockefeller Center in New York. That picture was posted in May 2017. But she did not check the background, and one important edifice that should have been in the background was not there, and that is the Freedom Tower which was 4, years old at the least.

Another picture that proved that she had been doctoring a couple of her posts was a picture that she posted of herself at the Taj Mahal in Agua, India. The tell-tale signs of an altering lay in the fact that there were zero shadows on the water but more prominent was the conspicuous lack of people who tour the Taj Mahal every day.

Amelia’s Insta account has about 450K followers, and that is a lot of people to be deceiving with photoshopped pictures. She is a very popular celebrity, but then people don’t like to be deceived, and no matter how popular you are, they would call you out on your lies, and that is what happened to Amelia. Some of the more ridiculous instances of her photoshopping included photoshopping birds and even beautiful sunsets. At one time, she photoshopped her bed onto a nice view in London. The bottom line though is that she has been posting altered pictures and her fans are not glad that they have been deceived.

But Liana had something to say to her fans, and that is that she is a truthful person and would not deceive her followers by putting up pictures of places that she did not travel to at all. The fact remains that nobody knows if she truly traveled to those places like the Taj Mahal and London, but we would not discount the fact that certain photos were altered so much that it is hard to totally believe that she did not doctor those photos. Maybe not all of them but many of them.

But who cares since Liana is already a celebrity in very own right with the same pictures that we are calling her out for.


The rich kids of Instagram is a legitimate television show just like Keeping up with the Kardashians that shows lives of rich children or children of rich parents. And how they spend their time and their parent’s money on useless things such as expensive designer clothes, the luxury cars that you have been admiring for a while, cosmetic surgery to enhance their bodies and even private jets. Rich kids of Instagram is basically a British version of Keeping up with the Kardashians, the only difference being that the people in the show spend their time showing how ridiculously the rich live their lives.

Julia Stakhiva, It is as much as it is to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians because we get to see the lives of the rich people who most probably live on another planet from the luxuries that they have. Watching them spend a lot of money on a few not so important items such as a 300 dollar bottle software water.

It is one thing to be able to live the lives of one of the Rich Kids of Instagram and a different thing altogether to fake it. The internet is not fair to people who fake it. Imagine discovering that Kylie Jenner isn’t really a legitimate part of the Kardashian family? The blowout would be crazy. A lot of people would have something to say about being deceived all these years. Apparently, Julia Stackhiva did not think about that when she decided to pretend to be a rich girl and be a part of the stars of the Rich Kids of Instagram shows. The 23-year-old probably wanted to fake it till she made it, but unfortunately, she was caught. She claimed to be the daughter of a billionaire and even went as far as inventing a totally different lifestyle from the one that she truly had. It turns out that young Julia isn’t rich at all and is even renting a room somewhere in London.

Everyone wants to be rich and famous, and I can understand what would have prompted Julia to behave the way that she did. Pretending to be wealthy was just a step to some sort of goal that she had, but while we want to feel sad for her, it is kind of hard to because of what she portrayed in the show. On the show, she was known to make cracks about being too wealthy to work and how she could live her life without doing anything. She lacked humility in almost everything in the show and granted that she was even faking it, it was a risky thing to do. One other thing that she said that makes it hard to feel sorry for her is when she talked about people noticing her and looking at her because of the nice clothes and shoes that she wore. But, we still would have been able to dredge up some sympathy for her if she wasn’t such a nonsympathetic character on the show. When it became public knowledge that Julia was a fake rich Kid, the backlash from people on the internet was so much and so negative that she had to make her Instagram account private.


Louise Delage, the fake addict

One of the fake famous Instagram people that surfaced last year was Louise Delage. She seemingly had a wonderful life going on for her and for the next couple of weeks, she uploaded several pictures every day to her Instagram account, and from the content, she soon had thousands of followers.

Well, once again Delage, the addict did not exist. Making her debut on the Instagram celebrity scene in 2016, Louise was just a fictional character created by an advertising agency.

This 25-year-old Parisian woman was chosen to fulfill a goal. If you go through her account and the pictures that she posted you would see her always holding a bottle of alcohol. The BETC agency that created Louise created her for a campaign which was titled “Like My Addiction” campaign.

This campaign was aimed at raising awareness for alcoholism. It was done with the aid of a company that worked for Addict Aide. Addict Aide is a company that helps people who have a problem with alcohol addiction and drug misuse. Addict Aide estimates that there are about 5 people dying daily because of alcohol addiction and this campaign was engineered to give people an idea of what alcohol addicts do and how easy it is to overlook alcohol addiction in our loved ones.

Basically, the Insta account was created to give people an idea of how normal people addicted to alcohol look. Louise was made out to be a normal everyday woman who had a deeper seated issue with her alcohol addiction. The BETC agency tried to make the message a bit subtle by portraying Louise as a normal woman with varied interests and full life but one with an addiction. Although their level of subtlety was so high that it was a bit tough for people to notice what the main point of the campaign was. They just saw a woman who despite everything in life retained deep-seated unhappiness which led her to alcohol.

Fame is one thing we all want and nowadays being Instagram famous is the order of the day, and we see a lot of people doing close to anything in vain. My advice, learn from Julia, the fake Rich kid of Instagram star. It did not end well for her. Try to be creative like the Polish Viking or simply be yourself. Who knows, the whole world might want you for you.

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