13 Ways That The 80’s Kids Played Outdoors And I Doubt Kids Nowadays Do These Any More.

Nowadays, kids don’t find going outdoors to be as fun anymore. But that was the thing back in the day. At that time, we didn’t have all the indoor stuff we have now, like the internet and cable TV. So we had to be creative and resourceful with what we had so that we would still have a lot of fun. That made our childhood experiences remarkable. Below is a list of some of the things we did when we went outdoors. Have a blast while reading them.

1. Tadpoles.

We would go to the closest creek to the house to find tadpoles. It was fun catching these wiggling cute fish like things.

2. Rolling Down Hills.

We would go up the hill, and when we reached its top, we would roll down the hill. It was fascinating times and sometimes scary times as well. The hills were a little steeper than some others which made the roll a lot faster than the normal speed, and that would scare the hell out of us. But it was all fun back then.

3. Drinking From The Hose.

Back in those days, we would spend hours and hours playing outside. But when we got thirsty, we would drink water from a hose rather than going inside the house to get a cup of water. Kids nowadays, don’t even play that hard, as to drink the water from a hose.

4. Riding Bikes.

As kids growing up in the 80’s, we would get around on our bikes. That was our mode of transportation. If we wanted to see our friends, we would ride to their place.

5. Jump Rope.

Jumping rope was a fascinating and fun thing to do. We would try to see who could jump rope the longest and sometimes the fastest. Little did we know that we were burning energy as well. Little wonder why cases of child obesity and diabetes are on the rise.

6. Red Light – Green Light.

The red light and green light game was one that I love dearly. We would all line up and wait for some other kid to give a command. If that kid shouted red light, we would all stand still. But if the kid shouted green light, we would all take off. And the orders would be repeated until there was someone who had crossed the finished line.

7. Mud Pies.

Ahhaa… I loved the mud pies. We would mix and mold mud into pies. Sometimes I wonder what kids of today would say about this game. I bet they would look at us as some primitive people.

8. Hide And Seek.

Hide and seek was such a fun game. We would scramble to find some hiding places and hope that those who would look for us wouldn’t find us.

9. Jungle Gym.

The jungle gym was a place that wasn’t meant for just any kid. You had to have some heart.

10. Foursquare.

Foursquare was a game that we would play with our classmates at school. Those days were amazing times.

11. Hopscotch.

Sometimes we would spend our time drawing on the floor when we were playing hopscotch. Man, those days were filled with a lot of fun. Today’s kid have missed quite a lot.

12. Croquet.

The croquet was a great outdoor toy that we used to play. It was usually kept in the backyard or someplace similar.

13. Tether Ball.

Tetherball used to be play at school. It was fun playing with it. Not to forget that mist of us made great friends while at it.

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